Affiliate Marketing the effective Passive Income Solution in 2019

Affiliate Marketing is the best solution for Passive Income in 2019. There are individuals and companies who make millions of revenue from this program. In this kind of marketing one need to have to any prior professional skills or educational qualification. Who ever has basic understanding of online product purchase are eligible and can make good income from this marketing strategy.

Affiliate Marketing

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Passive Income

Passive income is the earnings made indirectly from a service. For example, one man works in a software company and earns $10000 USD per month. This type of income is active income or direct income. Because the programmer is paid directly for the service he or she is providing to the company.

Contradict to this income, there are other income solutions. Some one has a website with 10000 visitors each day. The website owner can show advertisements in the website and can earn commission for each user engagement with the ads. Here the website owner is not making any money because of the content in the webpages. But the website owner is getting paid for allowing advertisement in the webpages. Such indirect income is known as passive Income.

Passive income is any income that made from any other source except the services available in the website.

If the website owner sets paid membership to access the webpages of the website then the payment from the interested individuals becomes direct income of the website owner. Because the website owner is paid for allowing access to the webpages of the website content.

2019 is best for passive income through internet. Because in last half decade, there is explosive increment in the numbers of internet users. One of the prime reason is the availability of high speed internet in the developing countries. It has opened doors for those who wants to earn through internet.

There are so many effective ways to make passive Income:

- By showing ads in Website
- By showing ads in Mobile phone applications
- By posting questions in question answer forums.
- By posting guest post at various sites
- By sharing photographs in online platforms

But the most efficient reliable mode of passive income is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a strategy in which a third party helps to sell product or service of a company or seller to potential buyers and in return company or seller pays commission to the third party. Here third party can be an individual or a different company. 

Merchant: The one who sells a product or service
Buyer: Who pays and purchases the product or service
Affiliate Marketer: Individual or company who establishes bridge between the merchant and buyer and helps in selling the product or service. 

Suppose one merchant sells books. The merchants sells each book at $5 USD. Upon each sale, the merchant earns $3 USD profit. In a month the merchant could able to sell 10 books and made $30 USD profit. 

Now if the merchant launches affiliate marketing program, agrees to share $1 USD commission for each book sale, then there could be more than 100 affiliate marketer step in and even if they help to sell 100 books(lets consider each sold 1 book only), then even after the merchant paid in total $100 USD as referral fees to the affiliate marketers and himself earned $200 USD. There is sudden growth in sales and revenue for the merchant. Thats why most of the company have launched affiliate marketing to increase sales and gain growth in sales. 

With high speed internet and day by day increasing internet users, affiliate marketing has been turned into a best reliable mode to sell product or services to large number of potential buyers. 

Reputed Companies who have been providing affiliate market program: Amazon, Commission Junction, Vcommission, Rakuten, Flipkart, Paytm.

Who can apply for affiliate marketing?

Any one can apply for affiliate marketing who are active in social media platforms, has youtube channel, has good fan following on facebook page, has blog website. There is no such restrictions. But the applicant should have good understanding of the products or services of the company whose affiliate marketing program, applicant is applying for. It would be added advantage. 

What are the skills required to become Affiliate Marketer?

There is no specific skills required to become affiliate marketer. But a successful affiliate marketing career depends on reaching out potential buyers that are easily available in the internet. It needs good understanding of identifying the true buyers those are active in facebook, youtube, blog website etc. Apart from this no other skills are required. 

How do revenues/commissions are calculated in Affiliate Marketing?

Company or the Merchant sets commission rates on each individual product or service they want to promote through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers generate affiliate links of the product or service and share on various platforms. If a user clicks on this link then they are redirected to the company website's product or service page. And if the user purchases the product, then the affiliate marketer gets the commission amount. Even if the user purchases some other product other than the product he visited through the affiliate link, then also the affiliate marketer gets paid the commission amount. Because the affiliate marketer helped to drive potential buyers to the company website. 

Commission amount varies depending upon the product, company and their policy for referral fees. 

The commission amount can be 1% to 50% or more. Some even pay 100% commission. That is if the service type is subscription type where user pays on monthly basis or yearly basis, then in such scenario company pays first month subscription fee or first year subscription fee as commission. 

Some company pays even pays 0.1% commission for each sale. 

Before deciding a strategy to promote a product, do triple check about commission rate and referral fee policy. 

Currently Amazon Affiliate Program in India is paying 0.2% to 10% commission for each sale. (To know more about it, check following link)

Note: In affiliate marketing there is no commission for driving traffic to the company website. There is no commission for users clicking affiliate links. There is commission only if there is a sale. 

Note: Certain company pays commission for each sale. Where as other company pays commission only if the buyer is a first time buyer in the company website.

Every such details are present in the respective company's affiliate program terms and conditions page. Read carefully each terms and policies for referring products.

How much revenue one can make from Affiliate Marketing Program?

The simple answer to How much one can earn from a affiliate marketing program is "sky is the limit". There are individuals and company as well who are making millions of income from Affiliate marketing program only. But yes there are also people who have been struggling to earn even $1 USD from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Earnings

It depends on so many factors. In general on an average on can easily make $1000 USD to $3000 USD. 

How to make money from Affiliate Marketing?

Now, the main question: How can one make good money from affiliate marketing! The fact is one can easily make good money from it. The only condition that applies to earn passive income from affiliate programs is to reach out potential buyers in the internet. 

Who are potential buyers in the internet? 

Any one who is truly interested to pay and purchase a product or service. Because some one who is looking for mobile phone in the internet is not necessarily some one going to buy mobile phone. He or she might be looking for some technical information, or might be looking for buying guide or might be looking for the history for mobile phone. But if some one is querying "best mobile phones to buy under $100 USD" then he or she might be more interested to purchase smartphone. Our goal is to reach such potential buyers.

Affiliate Marketing Conversions

How can we reach potential buyers and create conversions?

The main goal is to reach potential buyers. Some solutions are:

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Social media platforms are rich bank of internet users with different interests. These places are easily available for free and by creating post or pin or image upload about the product or service, we can attract thousands of people to check it. There are chances to get potential buyers from these platforms. 

Youtube Channel

There is no need to mention the power of Youtube. Maximum number of internet users spend time on youtube only. Creating youtube channel is free and can pull thousands of visitors each day. There is sure shot way to reach maximum number of potential buyers and create good rate of conversion rates. One can share features of best selling products in the videos, or can review products in the videos. People love to watch product review and then prefer to buy the product. 


Blogging is available free also. Google Blogger, Wordpress, Wix, Weebly are available for free. The power of blog, we can drive potential buyers to our website.  One can share buying guide for various product categories, or one can share product features through each blog, or one can share product reviews or mixture of all. 

Price Comparison Website

People spend most of the time to compare prices. Website which provide price comparison of a product that is available at various site, then potential buyers loves to visit such site. With availability of product advertising API, one can direct fetch live data from company's website. Creating a price comparison website is matter of project breakdown and coding. Even if an affiliate marketer is not from programming / coding then also there are options available to create such website. Wordpress website do not need any coding skills. And plugins are available for free. On the other hand, one can hire freelance developers easily available at freelancing sites and create price comparison website. 

How to become a successful Affiliate Marketer?

Enough theoretical part so far discussed. Now main concern, how can one become a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing Tips 2019

Genuine Information

The problem with most failed affiliate marketer, they copy paste content from other website with little bit of change. This is not going to help for growth. If an affiliate marketer is not well aware about the product or service he or she is promoting, then in no way it could help to create conversions. In real world magic does not happen. Every good conversion need right information reached to the right buyer. The best practice is to create and provide genuine information about the product. 

Well researched data

There is tremendous competition in each section on the internet. If one affiliate marketer provides poorly written content which lacks important information, then user would not hesitate even one second to visit some other website. Even search engines algorithm follows same logic and de-ranks websites which provide poor data. Thats why there is importance to create content that is well researched and fulfils website visitors need. 

Understanding buyers psychology

Buyers has a psychology and the one who are successful in sales, they have mastered in understanding this psychology. This could be mastered by reading enough materials available online and keeping self in the shoe of the buyers. In general we believe buyers go for a product that is available for low price but in reality it is the opposite. The buyers in general go for best product despite it has bit high price compared to other similar products. The one place to understand buyers psychology are review pages of the product. 


Competition is high not only from genuine information, well researched data, understanding buyers psychology perspective but also from nearest rivalry in the internet. These rivalries spend money and resources to find a way to compete better than yours. If you have youtube channel, blog or price comparison website then you must have to keep eye on your rivalries. 


Another important aspect in product selling irrespective of the platform is to provide solutions to some one need. If some one is looking for a new mobile phone to buy from Apple brand, then the blog article or youtube video must fulfil his or her requirement to buy the product. It could be technical details, buying guide or review of the product such as image quality, video quality, battery backup etc. Once an affiliate marketer understands the need of buyer then it would become easy to reach out such buyers. 

Discussion Forums

There are discussion forums launched by the company or some third party individual where professionals from affiliate marketing help to gain growth in this field. They eagerly share tips and tricks to create good number of conversions in less span of time. Look for these discussion forums and participate. keep checking new questions and their respective responses.

Search Engine Optimisation

Either one tries to promote products through youtube channel or tries to promote products through blog or creates price comparison site, then search engine optimisation understanding is must. There is huge competition and SEO only can help to overcome such competition. Search engine optimisation can help to drive millions of free organic traffic to a website. Imagine you have a website and because of best SEO, your website gets millions of traffics each month. Even if 10% people visit the affiliate links present in your website, then you could easily make $1000 USD to $5000 USD or more.

Paid Promotions

Paid promotions can help to reach out youtube channel or blog website or price comparison website to larger number of audience. It is highly recommended to run paid promotions or campaigns minimum ten days each month. The best paid promotion providers are Google Ads, and Facebook ads

Bitter Facts About Affiliate Marketing

There is dark side to affiliate marketing world. The appropriate term would be bitter facts. The main problem with this kind of marketing people often believe who are keen to make career in this field believe the business only limited to pulling a potential buyer click on the affiliate link, make a payment and purchase the product. In return each sale would generate good revenue. But ultimately land in zero conversion and no income at all. So following are few facts which are not sweet but bitter and reality of the affiliate marketing.

There is no commission for each sale

Company often does not include all the products or services under affiliate marketing program. So, if a user visited your affiliate link (which has sure shot revenue upon sale) but instead of purchasing the product whose affiliate link brought the potential buyer to the company website, lands in purchasing some other product which has zero referral fee then in such case there will be conversion but no income at all.

Zero Commission

There are company who provide affiliate marketing program, they have clear policy, if the reference brings new buyer then only there will be referral fees rewarded otherwise there will be zero commission. In simple words, it means, suppose a user visited your affiliate link and landed in the company website and made a purchase. The transaction is successful. But the user has record of purchasing some other product in the website, then in such scenario company is not going to pay any reference fee at all. (Better read policy, terms of service before setting strategy to create good conversions)

Hackers are there

Believe it or not, there are tactics available (even tutorial on youtube) using which one can easily change the affiliate link and inject desired affiliate link id. So in simple words, there will be conversion but the hacker is going to earn. So the best solution to deal with such scenario is to take help of developers once your affiliate career gets fast.

Deduction of hard earned commission

One of the biggest nightmare of the merchant and affiliate marketers is 'buyer may return the product at any moment'. If a buyer returns a product then he or she is going to receive back the paid money. Which means, the commission which you have earned after hard work, going to deduct from your account.


Any one can participate for affiliate Marketing program. There are no such skills required except good understanding of products and services a company provides. There are so many ways to promote product and earn good revenue. There are people and company who make millions of earnings from such programs. There are bitter facts associated with Affiliate Marketing which results in zero income from this program as well.

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