What else AMAZON do other than selling products?

More or else those who surf net, they are well aware AMAZON is popular e-commerce store. They sell products online. AMAZON is not selling products only but also has affiliate program through which people are making handsome money. But very few are aware amazon is not only limited to e-commerce, it is active in other fields as well. Lets see what are they.


About Amazon

Amazon is a company located at Seattle, Washington. Amazon is considered one of the big four companies of the world (Google, Apple and Facebook). Amazon is the largest Internet company by revenue in the world. It is the second largest employer in the United States and also the second most valuable company in the world by market capitalization. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994 in Bellevue, Washington. Initially they were selling books online. But later on they started selling jewellery, electronics, furniture, food, videogames and apparel.

Book Publishing

Amazon is providing a huge platforms for authors who want to publish their books. The process is quite simple. Create an account at Amazon Kindle Publishing. Account creation is absolutely free. Then upload manuscript. After reviewing process, the book will be published.

Amazon Kindle

Best feature about book publishing at Amazon Kindle Publishing, it allows to set the book cover as the author wants. The book publishing tool has feature to select book cover from thousands of book style cover options. It is very easy to use. And also it allows us to set the price of the book.

Amazon KDP is allowing to publish book in two formats. One is ebook (kindle edition) and another one is paperback edition. Author of the book can set the price of the two version different.

Upon sales, amazon pays commission. There are two slabs which an author can select.

1. 35% commission

In this version, Amazon is going to take care marketing, pulling buyers to the book and upon sales it pays 35% commission of the sold book price.

2. 70% commission

In this version, Amazon is going to pay 70% commission on the sales of the book.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon is also highly active in web service industry. It provides domain registration, cloud hosting, database management, routing and many more. And the price is very low compared to the market. If you check hosting of popular video applications, most of them are hosted at Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services are also known as Amazon AWS.

amazon aws

But those who are familiar with shared hosting, they might find difficult at first instance to use. However there are plenty tutorials available on youtube by following which any one can install required software and packages in the Amazon AWS account and run a website smoothly. It supports installation of wordpress also.

Amazon Developer

Amazon Developer

Very few people are aware amazon has app store and it provides platform to upload android applications for free. Amazon Developer is available for free for developers. Here one can upload applications for Alexa, for Android phones and for Amazon AWS.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is the online platform where it has huge collection of movies, tv series, live shows. Amazon prime is known as prime video. It is not providing contents in English language rather it is also has content in regional language of the country it is available. Amazon Prime is not free. To watch movies, tv series on amazon prime, one must have to download and install Amazon prime application. Alternatively by visiting primevideo.com, one can watch movies and tv series.

There are other plenty areas where Amazon is active but most popular are the ones which are mentioned above.

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