How to bring converting traffic to a affiliate product website?

The whole game of affiliate marketing is to bring heavy traffic which would opt to visit affiliate link and make a purchase. It sounds easy but it is not. There are people who failed to great extent despite hard work. But there are people also who are making 5 to 8 digit income each month. It all depends upon right strategy and good understanding of the affiliate marketing business.

How to get Converting Traffic for a affiliate Product Website?

  • Begins with keyword research. 90% of job will be done if we do right keyword research. For example, microwave oven product I am promoting through my blog post. I have developed the post article around the keyword microwave oven. Then I am going to get mixed kind of visitors to the web post. These visitors might be looking for lowest price microwave oven, some others might be looking for best brand microwave ovens, some others might be looking for best selling microwave ovens. But instead of targeting microwave oven if I target best selling microwave oven review, then my chances of conversion increases. Because the one who is looking for a purchase, must go through review first. So picking up right keyword can help. 
  • Utilising Paid promotions in right full manner. There are competition. Company which sell microwave oven is also promoting through paid promotion. We must understand the amount we may pay in the bidding. Paid campaign would success only if we have opted right keywords. 
  • Youtube channel. There are good chances, if you review a product in front of the camera and upload it on youtube, then you have 90% chance to get converting traffic. 
  • Sharing on social media is also helpful to drive converting traffic to affiliate product website. 
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