How to make games for android?

Wondering how to make games for android, then this article is going to help you. To make android games, basic understanding of programming is essential. No matter so many platform claim with out knowledge of programming one can develop game or app for android platforms. Such claims are not 100% true. Sooner or later basic understanding of programming knowledge is must.

how to make games for android

Which programming language is essential for game development?

C programming language or Java programming language or c# programming language is essential to develop game for android platforms. If some one has basic understanding of any one of the mentioned programming language then it would not be difficult to learn the other language if required.

Android Software IDE 

The problem part with manual coding is, it would become hard to find out the error exist in which file once the project becomes large. Thats why Android Software IDE are beneficial. IDE means, integrated development environment. This kind of software package help to notify the error exist during the development stage. It clearly shows which file and while line code contains the error. And also it eases the process of project execution. 

One of highly popular android software IDE: Android Studio

Video Game Engine

We have best option to develop video games for any platform (Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Linux) using video game engine. 

One of the popular video game engine: Unity Engine

The best part about unity engine, it has super render engine which renders in real time. Plenty of assets are available for free at unity store which we can use in our video game. Using unity engine we can also develop video games for android platforms. 

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