What is the full form of HTTP and HTTPS?

Full Form of HTTP: If you have accessed internet and I am pretty sure you must have accessed, then you have came across often this term 'http'. All website begins with 'http'. But what is the full form of http?

Full Form of HTTP

The full form of http is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. 

Internet is all about communication between client and server. Client is the one which user uses to get information. Server is the one in which all the data, files are stored. And the communication between client system and server system is done by sending HTTP Requests and receiving HTTP Responses.

Full Form of HTTPS:

If you have been using internet more than one decade, then you must be well aware, earlier urls used to begin with http but these the urls begin with HTTPS. So what is the last s at the end of http?

The full form of HTTPS is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. In earlier mechanism, the communication used to take place between client system and server system through HTTP. But the data which were transmitted and received were not encrypted. Therefore any hacker could easily hacked those information. But with HTTPS, the communication becomes secure. In general secure HTTP communication is 128 Bit Secured encrypted data. Even if hacker gets the data, the hacker could not use the data because it is encrypted.

For this Website Owners needs to install a secure certificate from a authorised SSL Certificate provider. If a valid SSL certificate is installed in the server then, the communication would take place through HTTPS.

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