What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is serious issue most writer encounter. Some times it becomes nightmare too. Most of the film production houses too encounter this issue. But what exactly is plagiarism and why it is important to understand, lets see.

what is plagiarism
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What is plagiarism?

  • Wrongful Appropriation
  • Stealing and publication of Another Others work
  • Includes language, idea, expressions etc. 
  • Representation of some one else's work as own work 
  • It is an academic dishonesty and breach of Journalistic Ethics. 
You have read some nice article about a guy who had rescued pets risking his own life. And you wrote a story about it and published it. But you have not mentioned where did you got the idea? This is plagiarism. 

You visited some film production house, shared your script but that moment the listener denied to accept the script. But few months later, you saw a film based on your script, that is plagiarism. 

In reality, most assume plagiarism and copyright infringement are both same thing but both are different. 

Source: Wikipedia
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