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Capital of Afghanistan: Kabul

Afghanistan is located in South East Asia. The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul. 

Capital of Albania: Tirana

Albania is also known as Republic of Albania. The capital city of Albania is Tirana. 

Capital of Algeria: Algiers

Algeria also known as People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. The capital town of Algeria is Algiers. 

Capital of Andorra: Andorra la Vella

Andorra also known as Principality of Andorra / Principality of the valleys of Andorra a sovereign landlocked microstate on the Iberian Peninsula, touches France border in North and Spain in South. The capital of Andorra is Andorra La Vella.

Capital of Antigua and Barbuda: Saint John's

Antigua and Barbuda, a country in the West Indies in US. It is located in between Caribbean Sea and The Atlantic Ocean. This country consists two major islands Antigua and Barbuda. Capital of Antigua and Barbuda is Saint Johns.

Capital of Argentina: Buenos Aires

Official name of Argentina is Argentine Republic, located in southern half of South America. The capital town of Argentina is Buenos Aires. 

Capital of Armenia: Yerevan

Armenia or Republic of Armenia is a country in the south Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is located in western Asia. And its capital is Yerevan.

Capital of Australia: Canberra

Australia is also known as Common Wealth of Australia. It is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian Continent, the island of Tasmania and other small islands. The capital city of Australia is Canberra. 

Capital of Austria: Vienna

Austria or The Republic of Austria is a country in Central Europe and it has nine federated states. Capital of Austria is Vienna.

Capital of Azerbaijan: Baku

Azerbaijan or Republic of Azerbaijan is a country in the south Caucasus region of Eurasia at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Capital of Azerbaijan is Baku. 

Capital of The Bahamas: Nassau

The Bahamas is a country in Lucayan Archipelago. The capital of The Bahamas is Nassau.

Capital of Bahrain: Manama

Bahrain or The Kingdom of Bahrain is an Island country in the Persian Gulf. Capital of Bahrain is Manama. 

Capital of Bangladesh: Dhaka

Bangladesh is small country with largest Bengali Speaking Muslim Population and it is located to the east side of India. It is neighbour to India. And the capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka. 

Capital of Barbados: Bridgetown

Barbados an island country in West Indies of Carribean Region of North America. Capital of Barbados is Bridgetown.

Capital of Belarus: Minsk

Belarus or The Republic of Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. Its border touches Russia in North East, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west and Lithuania to the North West. Capital of Belarus is Minsk.

Capital of Belgium: Brussels

Belgium officially known as Kingdom of Belgium, is a country in Western Europe. The capital of Belgium is Brussels. 

Capital of Belize: Belmopan

Belize is an independent and sovereign country located on the north eastern coast of Central America. The capital of Belize is Belmopan. 

Capital of Benin: Porto-Novo

Benin or Republic of benin a country in West Africa. Border of Benin touches Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east and Niger to the north. Capital of Benin is Poro-Novo.

Capital of Bhutan: Thimphu

Bhutan or The Kingdom of Bhutan a landlocked country in South Asia. It is located in the Eastern Himalayas. The border of Bhutan touches Tibetan Autonomous Region of China in the North, the Sikkim State of India in the west, and Arunachal Pradesh State of India in the east. Capital of Bhutan is Thimphu. 

Capital of Bolivia: La Paz (administrative); Sucre (judicial)

Bolivia or The Plurinational State of Bolivia, a landlocked country in South America. Capital of Bolivia is La Paz, and Sucre. 

Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina a country in Southeastern Europe. Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo.

Capital of Botswana: Gaborone

Botswana or The Republic of Botswana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. The capital of Botswana is Gaborone.

Capital of Brazil: Brasilia

Brazil or The Federative Rupublic of Brazil is located in America. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia.

Capital of Brunei: Bandar Seri Begawan

Brunei or The Nation of Brunei is a country located in SouthEast Asia. The country is surrounded by Malaysian State of Sarawak. The capital of Brunei is Bandar Seri Begawan. 

Capital of Bulgaria: Sofia

Bulgaria is a country in southeast Europe. The border of Bulgaria touches Romania to the north, Serbia to the west and Greece to the south. Popular Black Sea is located the east of Bulgaria. The Capital of Bulgaria is Sofia. 

Capital of Burkina Faso: Ouagadougou

Burkina Faso is a land locked country in West Africa. It is surroundered by six countries: Mali to the North, Niger to the east, Benin to the southeast, Togo and Ghana to the south and Ivory Coast to the southwest. The capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou. 

Capital of Burundi: Gitega

Burundi or The Republic of Burundi a landlocked country in Africa. The capital of Burundi is Gitega. 

Capital of Cambodia: Phnom Penh

Cambodia also known as The Kingdom of Cambodia, a country in SouthEast Asia. The capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh.

Capital of Cameroon: Yaounde

Cameroon also known as Republic of Cameroon is a country in Central Africa. The capital of Cameroon is Yaounde.

Capital of Canada: Ottawa

Canada is a country in Norther Part of America. The Capital of Canada is Ottawa.

Capital of Cape Verde: Praia

Cape Verde also know as Republic of Cabo Verde is a Island country in Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Cape Verde is Praia.

Capital of Central African Republic: Bangui

Central African Republic is landlocked country in the Central Africa. The capital of Central African Republic is Bangui. 

Capital of Chad: N'Djamena

Chad is a land locked country in North Central Africa. The capital of Chad is N'Djamena.

Capital of Chile: Santiago

Chile also known as Republic of Chile is country in South America. The capital of Chile is Santiago.

Capital of China: Beijing

China also known as People's Republic of China, is a large country in Asia. The capital of China is Beijing. 

Capital of Colombia: Bogota

Colombia or Republic of Colombia a sovereign country in Central America. The capital of Colombia is Bogota. 

Capital of Comoros: Moroni

Comoros also known as The Union of Comoros is an Island Country in Indian Ocean. The capital of Comoros is Moroni. 

Capital of Congo, Republic of the: Brazzaville

The Republic of the Congo also known as Republique du Congo, Congo-Brazzaville, West Congo is a country in the western coast of Central Africa. The capital of Republic of Congo is Brazzaville.

Capital of Costa Rica: San Jose

Costa Rica or Republic of Costa Rica is Sovereign State in America. The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose.

Capital of Croatia: Zagreb

Croatia or The Republic of Croatia is a country in SouthEast Europe. The Capital of Croatia is Zagreb.

Capital of Cuba: Havana

Cuba also known as The Republic of Cuba, a country, located in the northern Caribbean where the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean meet. The capital of Cuba is Havana. 

Capital of Cyprus: Nicosia

Cyprus or The Republic of Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. 

Capital of Czech Republic: Prague

The Czech Republic is a land locked hilly landscape country in Central Europe. The Capital of Czech Republic is Prague. 

Capital of Denmark: Copenhagen

The Capital of Denmark is Copenhagen. 

Capital of Djibouti: Djibouti

The capital of Djibouti is Djibouti. 

Capital of Dominica: Roseau

The Capital of Dominica is Roseau.

Capital of Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo

The Capital of Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. 

Capital of East Timor (Timor-Leste): Dili

The capital of East Timor or Timor-Leste is Dili. 

Capital of Ecuador: Quito

The capital of Ecuador is Quito. 

Capital of Egypt: Cairo

The capital of Egypt is Cairo. 

Capital of El Salvador: San Salvador

The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador.

Capital of Equatorial Guinea: Malabo

The capital of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo. 

Capital of Eritrea: Asmara

The capital of Eritrea is Asmara. 

Capital of Estonia: Tallinn

The capital of Estonia is Tallinn.

Capital of Ethiopia: Addis Ababa

The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa.

Capital of Fiji: Suva

The capital of Fiji is Suva. 

Capital of France: Paris

The capital of France is Paris. 

Capital of Gabon: Libreville

The capital of Gabon is Libreville. 

Capital of The Gambia: Banjul

The capital of The Gambia is Banjul. 

Capital of Georgia: Tbilisi

The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. 

Capital of Ghana: Accra

The capital of Ghana is Accra. 

Capital of Greece: Athens

The capital of Greece is Athens.

Capital of Grenada: Saint George's

The capital of Grenada is Saint Georges.

Capital of Guatemala: Guatemala City

The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City. 

Capital of Guinea: Conakry

The capital of Guinea is Conakry. 

Capital of Guinea-Bissau: Bissau

The capital of Guinea-Bissau is Bissau. 

Capital of Guyana: Georgetown

The capital of Guyana is Georgetown. 

Capital of Haiti: Port-au-Prince

The capital of Haiti is Port-Au-Prince.

Capital of Honduras: Tegucigalpa

The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa

Capital of Hungary: Budapest

The capital of Hungary is Budapest. 

Capital of Iceland: Reykjavik

The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik.

Capital of India: New Delhi

The capital of India is New Delhi. 

Capital of Indonesia: Jakarta

The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta. 

Capital of Iran: Tehran

The capital of Iran is Tehran. 

Capital of Iraq: Baghdad

The capital of Iraq is Baghdad. 

Capital of Ireland: Dublin

The capital of Ireland is Dublin. 

Capital of Israel: Jerusalem

The capital of Israel is Jerusalem. 

Capital of Italy: Rome

The capital of Italy is Rome. 

Capital of Jamaica: Kingston

The capital of Jamaica is Kingston. 

Capital of Japan: Tokyo

The capital of Japan is Tokyo. 

Capital of Jordan: Amman

The capital of Jordan is Amman. 

Capital of Kazakhstan: Astana

The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana. 

Capital of Kenya: Nairobi

The capital of Kenya is Nairobi. 

Capital of Korea, North: Pyongyang

The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang. 

Capital of Korea, South: Seoul

The capital of South Korea is Seoul. 

Capital of Kosovo: Pristina

The capital of Kosovo is Pristina. 

Capital of Kuwait: Kuwait City

The capital of Kuwait is Kuwait City. 

Capital of Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek

The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek. 

Capital of Laos: Vientiane

The capital of Laos is Vientiane. 

Capital of Latvia: Riga

The capital of Latvia is Riga. 

Capital of Lesotho: Maseru

The capital of Lesotho is Maseru. 

Capital of Liberia: Monrovia

The capital of Liberia is Monrovia. 

Capital of Libya: Tripoli

The capital of Libya is Tripoli. 

Capital of Lithuania: Vilnius

The capital of Vilnius is Lithuania. 

Capital of Luxembourg: Luxembourg

The capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg. 

Capital of Macedonia: Skopje

The capital of Macedonia is Skopje. 

Capital of Madagascar: Antananarivo

The capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo. 

Capital of Malawi: Lilongwe

The capital of Malawi is Lilongwe. 

Capital of Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. 

Capital of Maldives: Male

The capital of Maldives is Male. 

Capital of Mali: Bamako

The capital of Mali is Bamako. 

Capital of Malta: Valletta

The capital of Malta is Valletta. 

Capital of Marshall Islands: Majuro

The capital of Marshall Islands is Majuro. 

Capital of Mauritania: Nouakchott

The capital of Mauritania is Nouakchott. 

Capital of Mauritius: Port Louis

The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis. 

Capital of Mexico: Mexico City

The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. 

Capital of Micronesia, Federated States of: Palikir

The capital of Federated States of Micronesia is Palikir. 

Capital of Moldova: Chisinau

The capital of Moldova is Chisinau. 

Capital of Monaco: Monaco

The capital of Monaco is Monaco. 

Capital of Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar

The capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar. 

Capital of Montenegro: Podgorica

The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica. 

Capital of Morocco: Rabat

The capital of Morocco is Rabat. 

Capital of Mozambique: Maputo

The capital of Mozambique is Maputo. 

Capital of Namibia: Windhoek

The capital of Namibia is Windhoek. 

Capital of Nepal: Kathmandu

The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu. 

Capital of New Zealand: Wellington

The capital of New Zealand is Wellington. 

Capital of Nicaragua: Managua

The capital of Nicaragua is Managua. 

Capital of Niger: Niamey

The capital of Niger is Niamey. 

Capital of Nigeria: Abuja

The capital of Nigeria is Abuja. 

Capital of Norway: Oslo

The capital of Norway is Oslo. 

Capital of Oman: Muscat

The capital of Oman is Muscat. 

Capital of Pakistan: Islamabad

The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. 

Capital of Palau: Melekeok

The capital of Palau is Melekeok. 

Capital of Panama: Panama City

The capital of Panama is Panama City. 

Capital of Papua New Guinea: Port Moresby

The capital of Papua New Guinea is Port Moresby. 

Capital of Paraguay: Asuncion

The capital of Paraguay is Asuncion. 

Capital of Peru: Lima

The capital of Peru is Lima. 

Capital of Philippines: Manila

The capital of Philippines is Manila. 

Capital of Poland: Warsaw

The capital of Poland is Warsaw. 

Capital of Portugal: Lisbon

The capital of Portugal is Lisbon. 

Capital of Qatar: Doha

The capital of Qatar is Doha. 

Capital of Romania: Bucharest

The capital of Romania is Bucharest. 

Capital of Russia: Moscow

The capital of Russia is Moscow. 

Capital of Rwanda: Kigali

The capital of Rwanda is Kigali. 

Capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis: Basseterre

The capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis is Basseterre. 

Capital of Saint Lucia: Castries

The capital of Saint Lucia is Castries. 

Capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Kingstown

The capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is Kingstown. 

Capital of Samoa: Apia

The capital of Samoa is Apia. 

Capital of San Marino: San Marino

The capital of San Marino is San Marino. 

Capital of Sao Tome and Principe: Sao Tome

The capital of Sao Tome and Principe is Sao Tome. 

Capital of Saudi Arabia: Riyadh

The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. 

Capital of Senegal: Dakar

The capital of Senegal is Dakar. 

Capital of Serbia: Belgrade

The capital of Serbia is Belgrade. 

Capital of Seychelles: Victoria

The capital of Seychelles is Victoria. 

Capital of Sierra Leone: Freetown

The capital of Sierra Leone is Freetown. 

Capital of Singapore: Singapore

The capital of Singapore is Singapore. 

Capital of Slovakia: Bratislava

The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava. 

Capital of Slovenia: Ljubljana

The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana. 

Capital of Solomon Islands: Honiara

The capital of Solomon Islands is Honiara. 

Capital of Somalia: Mogadishu

The capital of Somalia is Mogadishu. 

Capital of South Africa: Pretoria (administrative); Cape Town (legislative); Bloemfontein (judiciary)

The capital of South Africa is Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein. 

Capital of South Sudan: Juba

The capital of South Sudan is Juba. 

Capital of Spain: Madrid

The capital of Spain is Madrid. 

Capital of Sri Lanka: Colombo; Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte (legislative)

The capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo and Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte. 

Capital of Sudan: Khartoum

The capital of Sudan is Khartoum. 

Capital of Suriname: Paramaribo

The capital of Suriname is Paramaribo. 

Capital of Swaziland: Mbabane

The capital of Swaziland is Mbabane. 

Capital of Sweden: Stockholm

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. 

Capital of Switzerland: Bern

The capital of Switzerland is Bern. 

Capital of Syria: Damascus

The capital of of Syria is Damascus. 

Capital of Taiwan: Taipei

The capital of Taiwan is Taipei. 

Capital of Tajikistan: Dushanbe

The capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe. 

Capital of Tanzania: Dar es Salaam; Dodoma (legislative)

The capital of Tanzania is Dar es Salaam and Dodoma. 

Capital of Thailand: Bangkok

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. 

Capital of Togo: Lome

The capital of Togo is Lome. 

Capital of Tonga: Nuku'alofa

The capital of Tonga is Nuku'alofa. 

Capital of Trinidad and Tobago: Port-of-Spain

The capital of Trinidad and Tobago is Port of Spain. 

Capital of Tunisia: Tunis

The capital of Tunisia is Tunis. 

Capital of Turkey: Ankara

The capital of Turkey is Ankara. 

Capital of Turkmenistan: Ashgabat

The capital of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat. 

Capital of Tuvalu: Vaiaku village, Funafuti province

The capital of Tuvalu is Vaiaku Village and Funafuti Province. 

Capital of Uganda: Kampala

The capital of Uganda is Kampala. 

Capital of Ukraine: Kyiv

The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv. 

Capital of United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi

The capital of United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. 

Capital of United Kingdom: London

The capital of United Kingdom is London. 

Capital of United States of America: Washington, D.C.

The capital of United States of America is Washington D.C.

Capital of Uruguay: Montevideo

The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo. 

Capital of Uzbekistan: Tashkent

The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent. 

Capital of Vanuatu: Port-Vila

The capital of Vanuatu is Port-Villa.

Capital of Vatican City: Vatican City

The capital of Vatican City is Vatican City. 

Capital of Venezuela: Caracas

The capital of Venezuela is Caracas. 

Capital of Vietnam: Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi. 

Capital of Yemen: Sanaa

The capital of Yemen is Sanaa. 

Capital of Zambia: Lusaka

The capital of Zambia is Lusaka. 

Capital of Zimbabwe: Harare

The capital of Zimbabwe is Harare. 
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