Cricket World Cup History, Winners list and facts

Currently ICC Cricket World cup 2019 is going on. Evolution of One day International cricket match has its own interesting story. Lets know how did international cricket matches come into existence. How did International Cricket Conference came up with an idea for world cup cricket?

Cricket has been one of the favourite game in India. Whether its children or young men or professional or some retired personal, all love playing cricket and watching cricket. Thats why cricket has been very popular. Perhaps this is only medium which can bring rivalries together to watch cricket and cheers.

Cricket World Cup

Here is a small effort to provide a deeper information about cricket world cup.

What is Cricket World Cup?

Cricket World Cup is a cricket match that is held every four years once and various countries cricket team participate. It is also known as One Day International Cricket Match. Because each match overs in one day only. These days each match has 50 overs limit. Cricket has been believed Gentleman's game. And one of the most watched game on television. This year 2019 there is new record: Cricket lovers watched their favourite ICC Cricket World Cup in their mobile phones and tablets over television.

How did Cricket World Cup start (History)?

According to the history of Cricket, prior to first cricket world cup, the first international cricket match was played in between Canada and United States in 1984. But it was not credited. The first credited Test match was played between Australia and England in 1877. Cricket was part of Olympics and Great Britain defeated France to win the Gold Metal in 1900. It was the only first and last appearance of Cricket at the summer Olympics. 

The first International Cricket Match was played among England, Australia and South Africa in England in 1912. It was known as Triangular Tournament, Test Cricket. And gradually other countries participated. 

Till this time, cricket match used to last for three to four days. In the early 1960s English country cricket teams started playing cricket with lesser over limit which lasted in one day. With Midlands Knock out Cup (1962) and Gillete cup (1963) One day cricket gained popularity in England. 

Its bit funny and fact as well, the first one day International Match was played on the fifth day of a rain aborted test cricket match between England and Australia at Melbourne in 1971. Only to fill the time available and compensation to frustrated crowd. It was 40 over match with Eight Balls in each over. 

Until now, no features of today's One International Cricket is included in the cricket match. Kerry Packer established the rival World Series Cricket (WSC) in late 1970s.It introduced modern day cricket match features such as Uniforms, matches played under lights (with white ball and dark sigh screens), arrangements for television broadcasts, multiple camera angles and on screen graphics. 

First coloured uniforms WSC cricket match was: Australians in Wattle Gold Versus West Indians in Coral Pink. The match took place in Melbourne on 17 January, 1979. 

The success and popularity of one day competitions in England and other parts of country, ignited an idea to International Cricket Conference (ICC) to organise Cricket World Cup. 

The first match of Cricket World Cup was played in 1975. That time each cricket match had 60 overs of limit.

Who are the winners of Cricket World Cup?

Cricket World Cup 1975

West Indies won by 17 runs
West Indies 291–8
Australia 274

Cricket World Cup 1979

West Indies won by 92 runs
West Indies 286–9
England 194

Cricket World Cup 1983

India won by 43 runs
India 183
West Indies 140

Cricket World Cup 1987

Australia won by 7 runs
Australia 253–5
England 246–8

Cricket World Cup 1992

Pakistan won by 22 runs
Pakistan 249–6
England 227

Cricket World Cup 1996

Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets
Sri Lanka 245–3
Australia 241

Cricket World Cup 1999

Australia won by 8 wickets
Australia 133–2
Pakistan 132

Cricket World Cup 2003

Australia won by 125 runs
Australia 359–2
India 234

Cricket World Cup 2007

Australia won by 53 runs
Australia 281–4
Sri Lanka 215–8

Cricket World Cup 2011

India won by 6 wickets
India 277–4
Sri Lanka 274–6

Cricket World Cup 2015

Australia won by 7 wickets
Australia 186–3
New Zealand 183

Schedule of Cricket World Cup 2019

30 May: England vs South Africa – The Oval, London

31 May: West Indies vs Pakistan – Trent Bridge, Nottingham

01 June: New Zealand vs Sri Lanka – Sophia Gardens Cardiff, Cardiff; Afghanistan vs Australia – The Bristol County Ground, Bristol

02 June: South Africa vs Bangladesh – The Oval, London

03 June: England vs Pakistan – Trent Bridge, Nottingham

04 June: Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka – Sophia Gardens Cardiff, Cardiff

05 June: South Africa vs India – The Ageas Bowl, Southampton; Bangladesh vs New Zealand – The Oval, London

06 June: Australia vs West Indies – Trent Bridge, Nottingham

07 June: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka – The Bristol County Ground, Bristol

08 June: England vs Bangladesh – Sophia Gardens Cardiff, Cardiff; Afghanistan vs New Zealand – The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton

09 June: India vs Australia – The Oval, London

10 June: South Africa vs West Indies – The Ageas Bowl, Southampton

11 June: Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka – The Bristol County Ground, Bristol

12 June: Australia vs Pakistan – The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton

13 June: India vs New Zealand – Trent Bridge, Nottingham

14 June: England vs West Indies – The Ageas Bowl, Southampton

15 June: Sri Lanka vs Australia – The Oval, London; South Africa vs Afghanistan – Sophia Gardens Cardiff, Cardiff

16 June: India vs Pakistan – Old Trafford, Manchester

17 June: West Indies vs Bangladesh – The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton

18 June: England vs Afghanistan – Old Trafford, Manchester

19 June: New Zealand vs South Africa – Edgbaston, Birmingham

20 June: Australia vs Bangladesh – Trent Bridge, Nottingham

21 June: England vs Sri Lanka – Headingley, Leeds

22 June: India vs Afghanistan – The Ageas Bowl, Southampton; West Indies vs New Zealand – Old Trafford, Manchester

23 June: Pakistan vs South Africa – Lord’s, London

24 June: Bangladesh vs Afghanistan – The Ageas Bowl, Southampton

25 June: England vs Australia – Lord’s, London

26 June: New Zealand vs Pakistan – Edgbaston, Birmingham

27 June: West Indies vs India – Old Trafford, Manchester

28 June: Sri Lanka vs South Africa – Riverside, Chester-le-Street

29 June: Pakistan vs Afghanistan – Headingley, Leeds; New Zealand vs Australia – Lord’s, London

30 June: England vs India – Edgbaston, Birmingham

01 July: Sri Lanka vs West Indies – Riverside, Chester-le-Street

02 July: Bangladesh vs India – Edgbaston, Birmingham

03 July: England vs New Zealand – Riverside, Chester-le-Street

04 July: Afghanistan vs West Indies – Emerald Headingley, Leeds

05 July: Pakistan vs Bangladesh – Lord’s, London

06 July: Sri Lanka vs India – Emerald Headingley, Leeds; Australia vs South Africa – Old Trafford, Manchester

09 July: 1st semi-final (1 vs 4) - Old Trafford, Manchester

11 July: 2nd semi-final (2 vs 3) - Edgbaston, Birmingham

14 July: Final - Lord's, London

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