Facebook Announces Its own Currency Libra

Facebook has announced it is going to launch its own currency Libra. Libra is the crypto currency soon to be launched. It would be the nearest competitor to Bitcoin crypto currency. This announcement from facebook has opened new doors for investment and new mode of trading.

Facebook Libra Crypto Currency

Libra Block Chain

To guarantee the integrity of network nodes, Libra Blockchain is designed with a Byzantine Fault Tolerance approach. Unlike Bitcon blockchain or Ethereum blockchain, one can not run node in the backyard. Only Founding members of the Libra Association will be the authorised member to run the node. In this Association, there are currently 28 members active. Vodafone, Mastercard, Visa etc.

Professionals claim its not a blockchain. Because its not decentralized in reality. The ledge of transactions will be accessible to Libra Association founding members unless Facebook builds a public accessing API. But one reality which Facebook wont deny if not today then tomorrow they are bound to provide an option to let any one in the chain to run node.

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