How do people make money from Quora?

Quora is a popular platform where people often post their questions and other people help by providing answers. Recently, Quora launched 'Quora Partner Program'. There is no restrictions who can post questions. Any one can post question on quora until unless it does not break Quora policy. Similarly any one can respond to questions staying with in Quora policy boundary.

Official Website of Quora:

What type of Questions are asked frequently on Quora?

  • Computer programing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Relationship and Dating
  • Web Design
  • Politics and current affairs
  • Online Income
  • History
  • Travel and new places
  • Awareness
  • Translations in other languages
And many more. 

How do People Make Money from Quora?

To make money from quora, one must have to be approved partner of Quora. To become approved partner, one must have to eligible for Quora Partner Program. Currently Quora Partner Program is not available for all the members of Quora.

(Quora members are those people who have account with quora. Opening account at quora is absolutey free)

Quora sends invitation to selected quora members to participate in quora partner program. 

To whom, quora sends invitation to participate in Quora Partner Program:

Those who have been asking genuine helpful potential questions on quora platform. Potential questions are those questions in which other quora members visit and answer. 

Currently the number of questions upon which quora sends invitation is not clear. 

What are the factors decide online income on Quora?

Once a quora member is approved for the quora partner program, then the member is eligible for online income from it. The main factor which helps to earn revenue from quora is putting questions. The highest number of questions means highest number of revenue can be earned. 

The revenue calculation is based on following three factors:

1. Posted question that attracted new quora members and made them answer to the question. 
2. Other quora member responded to the questions, and ad appeared in between the answers. (There is ad per view commission)
3. Quora members clicked on the ad and visited the advertisers site. 

Second and third option above going to help to generate less revenue compared to first one. 

Tips to make Good Money on Quora

  • Avoid Spammy questions (Questions that are posted for the sake of posting questions)
  • Avoid to post such question whose similar type question is already exist
  • Put a question which people have good knowledge about it and is easily available on internet. 
  • Dont ask very tough question which only few people might be interested to answer
  • Ask that question most of the quora member are interested for
  • Avoid any trick that can pull good traffic on your posted questions
  • Avoid hatred type of questions. 


Quora has good option to make money online. It is in its beginning stage. As it grow, it will open plenty doors for those who want to make good money online. 
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