How do you start your own website for free and Make Money in 2019

For blog, business or information sharing, a website is beneficial medium. We often wonder how do we start our own website! What would be the cost! What kind of programming knowledge is mandatory! How much money one can make from a website! How do one make money from a website. In this article, all such questions will be answered.

Start Website for Free

What is a website?

Website is a unique location where certain information are located which can only be accessed through internet.

Examples of Websites:


Why website is essential in 2019?

To run a business, lots of visitors are required. Website is a beneficial medium. It can drive millions of visitors to a business. Apart from business, we can share information with millions of people. And also website helps us to sell a product directly to the customers.

Today, the one thing that is attracting thousands of people to have a website is blogging. Blogging is turning out an efficient, easiest and reliable way to make good money each month. It is not easy to digest and accept the fact that blogging has given good opportunity to the people of those land which has no record of income since last 500 years or more. People are blogging and creating entertainment content for website and making six to eight digit income easily.

Who should have a website?

Any one who wants direct interaction with people. Such as:

- You have a shop in the market. You can have a website. It will help to increase your business.
- You are a poet and you write poem frequently. You can write and upload your poems in the website and share with the world.
- You are a writer and you love to write stories. Upload your stories in your website and share with the people.
- You are a frequent traveller and want to guide people how they can enjoy the travel more efficiently. Write it in your blog and upload it in your website.
- You are expert in some professional topics, make video tutorials and upload in your website. People from around the world going to follow your tutorials.
- You can also sell products directly through your website. It could be ebooks, t shirts, electronic appliances, anything which you want.
- And, most important you can make good money(Passive Income) from your website irrespective of its type.

How to start a website?

To start a website, we need three things:
  1. Registered Domain
  2. Hosting Account
  3. Coding and Styling
(Note: Dont worry, for website building coding is not at all required. Its optional. We will discuss about it in detail, just ahead in this article)

Registered Domain

To run a website, we need domain. 

What is a domain?,, etc. are known as domain. The main url of any website. We need to register domain name first. 

Where can we register a domain name?

There are plenty registrar available. Following are top domain registrars:

All you need to do is, visit any of the website, look for domain registration. Then search for the domain name in the search box. If the domain name which you are planning to register for yourself is already registered then you can not purchase the domain name. Other wise, if it is available, then you can pay the required fee and once payment is successful, the domain name is registered. 

What is the minimum time period for which one can register a domain name?

The minimum time period for which one can register a domain name is one year. And maximum is dependent on the domain registrar. (People in general register a domain name for five year)

What happens If I forget to renew the domain name registration?

One must have to renew a domain name registration on or before the renewal date. Many service provider grants a fifteen days extra time after expiry of the domain name renewal, after which the previous owner loses ownership on the domain name. Company has rights to put the domain name on sale. 

(Note: Do check with the registrar about this extra time after the expiry date of renewal)

What if I want to purchase my previous domain name which I forgot to renew even after the extra fifteen days time?

The company has rights to set a desired fee. In general registrar company charge five to eight times of the normal fee. 

(Note: It may vary one registrar to another registrar. So do check with your desired registrar)

Are the price of domain name same irrespective of the registrar?

No. The price differs. One registrar may provide domain registration at a very very cheap price than other. It depends on the registrar and their promotional offer. And also you can ask for concession if you are purchasing a domain for the first time. There are discount coupons available online for domain registrations. 

What should I keep in my mind before purchasing a domain name?

Powerful top level Domains
- Top level domain matters in successful website. Website extension is a top level domain. For example, - Here .com is the top level domain. - Here .in is the top level domain. - Here .com is the top level domain. 

The full form of TLD: Top Level Domain.

Some common Top Level Domain:
.com, .in, .net, .org, 

Which top level domain is best?

- If you are targeting share your content around the world then .com TLD is best. 
- If you are planning to share your content in India only, then .in TLD is best. 
- If you are planning to share content of business types, then .net TLD is best. 
- If you are planning to share your organisation related information then .org is best

What is the general cost of domain registration?

- It can cost around $8-$15 USD (more or less) per year depending on the registrar. It would be wise to check the domain registration price at multiple registrars site. 

Once you decide main level domain, then try to get three to five letter main domain.

What is main domain?

The root name of the website. For example, in, facebook is main name. In, google is main name. In, filmoogle is main name. 

Getting three to five letter main domain is not easy task. If you can come up with some unique main domain, then check if it is available to register. If not, then go for six to ten letter main domain. If still you can not able to get one, then go for two word domain name. Such as or etc. 

Free Top Level Domains Can I get domain registration for 0 Price (absolutely free)?

Yes. There are low value top level domain which are available for free. Such as .TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ etc. 

Where can we find these low value top level domain?

Visit Freenom and search desired main domain with any one of the top level domain (.TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ) and register with your email. You have option to register for couple of months or one year. If you want to register for more than one year then you have to pay a certain fee. 

Are there any other option where we can get free domain names?

Yes. There are plenty, going to discuss ahead of this article. 

What is hosting?

Imagine, you have been collecting best books (PDF only) on economics and you are keeping in your computer drive. (Local:D drive). One way you can share information is through pen drive. And the other way to share your collected PDF files is through Networking. Once you setup Network, then any one who has authorisation can access from his laptop to your laptop and collect PDF files directly from your local d drive. 

Here the point is 'location of the file'.

To start a website, we need a location for the all files of the website to store. This location should be accessible through internet and should be online 24x7. 

For Example: website must have so many files which handles new message showing in the feed, new user registration, authorising genuine users to access their facebook profile. So all these files are located a certain location which can be accessed through url. This location is live 24x7. 

Such location is called hosting. 

Why do we need hosting?

To keep all the files and database of a website at a particular location which can be accessed through internet. If we dont place files of a website then our website will not be accessible through internet. To start a website we need registered domain and hosting. 

While purchasing a hosting, two important factors matters. 
- Maximum size that is allotted to keep files
-Maximum database size that is allotted to keep data in tables. 

Certain Hosting service providers offer unlimited space to keep files. Where as others provide 10GB space or 20GB space. If you are beginner, then 10 GB space is suitable for you. As your file size increases, you can upgrade your account. 

Who are the popular hosting service providers?

 There are plenty hosting service providers available. Following are top hosting service providers around the globe:

1. Godaddy

How many types of Hosting are there?
  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Reseller Hosting
  5. Cloud Hosting
What is shared Hosting?

Lets understand this with an example. You have laptop. Your laptop has hard disk which holds all the data. For better access of data, we further divided the hard disk memory in to drives (c drive, d drive e drive) or partitions(if you are using Mac). And again, we keep data in folders inside the drive or partition. 

In shared hosting, we get one of the folder to keep data. Hosting service providers purchases entire big computer, and they rent out the hard disk space. Their hard disk is divided into drive or partition and each drive or partition contains so many folders. Each folder is available in terms of shared hosting. 

Still you could not able to understand what is shared hosting? Then no need to worry. If you are absolute beginner and starting website for the first time, then go for shared hosting. 

What are the benefits of shared hosting?

Shared hostings are cheap. Some hosting service providers are providing shared hosting on monthly rent basis. Some hosting service providers are providing unlimited space to keep files. Certain service providers allow multiple websites. It means one can run more than one website in one shared hosting account. 

Most service providers are providing cpanel which eases the process of software application (Wordpress) installation with one click or makes the process of creating file, edit file and delete file easy. 

Before purchasing a shared hosting, one must notice:
- How much space is allocated
- How many domains one can run in the shared hosting
-How much database is allocated
-What is the RAM, Bandwidth of the shared hosting. 

What are the demerits of Shared hosting?

Shared hosting as the name says, the hosting is available on sharing basis. As I mentioned in the example, shared hosting is the single folder in the drive. Therefore, the resources such as RAM, Input Output processors, Bandwidth are also shared. There are so many websites running on the same hosting and sharing all the resources allocated for the hosting. So, if any one or more than one website gets heavy traffic, then it will effect on your single or multiple websites. And if this happens, then your website will not appear in the internet. 

And on the other hand, shared hostings can not handle more than 1000-1500 visitors per day. It will slow down or wont appear in the internet if the visitors count crosses 1000. 

And lastly, if one of the website with plenty of porn or hatred kind content hosted in the same hosting platform (which you would never know about it), then also it would impact your website. 

Who should purchase shared hosting?

Absolute beginners should purchase shared hosting. It will help to understand how a website works. Once understands how it works, then it would be wise to upgrade. 

What is the price of shared hosting?

Shared hosting price is dependent upon hosting service providers. Some service providers has provided option to renew shared hosting monthly basis. Some other service providers has provided option to renew hosting quarterly basis. Rest are providing renew of shared hosting annual basis. 

Generally it costs $10 USD per month. 

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting: Virtual Private Server hosting. It is upper version of shared hosting. It can cost thrice the price of shared hosting. VPS hosting for those is absolutely suitable who are getting 1000 - 10000 visitors per day. 

What are the benefits of VPS hosting?

If we look at the hard disk example detailed above, then if a folder is shared hosting then entire drive or partition of hard disk is VPS hosting. Unlike shared hosting where allocated resources are shared with other websites, in VPS hosting allocated resources are strictly meant for your website. Resources are locked for your website only. 

What are demerits of VPS hosting?

Good knowledge of Linux commands, PHP, HTML, MySQL is compulsory. VPS hosting can not handle more than 10000 visitors per day. VPS hosting are not available on monthly renew basis except few service providers. We can install CPANEL which eases the process to create, edit, deletion of files but would cost extra. 

Who should purchase VPS hosting?

If some one is getting minimum 1000 visitors per day, then they should immediate upgrade to VPS hosting. If you have a good web developer who has good knowledge of VPS and web design, then also you can start your website directly on VPS. If you are planning to run a e-commerce site, then you must go for VPS. 

What is the cost of VPS Hosting?

It may vary depending upon the hosting service provider. 

Generally it costs $20 to $30 USD per month. 

What is dedicated hosting?

It is like total harddisk of computer. Dedicated memory for you. Dedicated servers are best for those people who are getting More than 50000 visitors per day to the website. If you are looking for more than 50000 visitors per day for your site than you must go for dedicated server. 

What are the merits of Dedicated hosting?

It can handle more than 50000 or 1 lakh visitors per day. All the resources are meant for your website usage only. User going to experience extreme fast website experience. 

What are the demerits of Dedicated hosting?

One man can not handle dedicatedd hosting. A team is required. A separate team is required to keep eye on traffic, hackers attack etc. Very expensive compared to shared hosting and vps hosting. 

Who should purchase Dedicated Hosting?

Good financial support or investment is there then it would be wise to go for dedicated server. If you want one lakh visitors then go for dedicated hosting. 

What is the cost of Dedicated Server?

The price of dedicated server varies one service provider to another service provider. 

The minimum price of Dedicated Server is $80 USD per month. 

Reseller Hosting
One of the best hosting is reseller hosting. As the name says, you can rent this kind of hosting and then sell to other people. Suppose you have rented 100 GB Space then you can sell further with 20GB and at the price you want. 

Demerits of Reseller Hosting

You can sell as you want. You have to follow company guidelines. Certain service provider restrict only three further selling. Which means if you have purchased reseller hosting of 120 GB then you can sell further 40 GB each space. How ever, other provide bit more options such as you can go for 10 further selling. 

The other demerit of reseller hosting, you can not just sell and sit quite. You have to constantly take care of your buyers need. Certain reseller hosting providers provide assistance to these buyers. And also you have keep reminding your buyers repeatedly to renew the purchased hosting service from you otherwise you are going to bear the renewal of your reseller account. 

Cloud Hosting

Latest trending hosting is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is a technology, in which multiple copy of files are stored across various servers across the world. It is bit expensive and the cost depends upon the number of traffic visit to the website. 

Cloud hosting providers: Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Hosting

Note: Digital Ocean is providing cloud based VPS hosting. 

Amazon AWS, Google Cloud hosting is available for free for first year. (Do check about this offer before making decision to opt this hosting service)

What are the demerits of cloud hosting?

If you are not aware of Linux commands, Programming language and web design, then it is hard for you to start a website on this platform. Cloud hostings are billed according to the usage of resources. If some hacker creates fake traffic on your cloud hosted website with the help of bots, then the bill is going to rise very fast. So dedicated team is required to keep eye on such visits. 

Coding and Stylisation

Once, a domain is registered and hosting account is purchased, then its time for coding. (No need to worry, if you are not aware of coding, I am going to focus light on how to create a website with out any prior knowledge of coding or programming, just ahead of this article).

Two types Coding is required.

1. Server side coding (PHP, JSP, ASP)
2. Client side coding (Javascript, JQuery)

Developers develop website implementing server side coding and client side coding as per need.


Cascaded Stylesheet (CSS) is used to set style for the text information, media information in the webpage. 

So far we have understood, to start a website we need domain registration, hosting account and coding. 

Now lets see, the important part, soul of this article:

How do you start your own website for free?

The only way we can start our own website for free is, if domain name, hosting is available for free. And yes the coding part is already done by some one else. Then we can easily create a website for free. 

So are there any service provider who are providing domain name, hosting for free and have done the complete coding part?

Yes there are such service providers. 

Who are the service providers providing such option to build website for free?

First of all, such application which allows us to create website with out knowing any programming language is known as Content Management Software or CMS. 

Popular CMS Providers are:

2. Wix
4. Joomla
5. Weebly

Blogger, Wix, Wordpress, Joomla and Weebly are providing option to run a website for free. Among these the best one is blogger. 

Blogger is a product of Google Company. 

How to create website?

Login at Blogger with your email, create blog by providing unique domain name and thats it. Write a post and publish it. It is quite similar in Wix, Weebly, Wordpress, Joomla. In Wix, we need to set the theme first. 

If you know how to write an email and send it, then you could easily create blog posts frequently on these platforms. 

What are the limitation of Blogger / Wix / Wordpress / Joomla / Weebly?

You can not achieve certain functionality such as if you want to collect payment from your user then you can not achieve. If you want to track your users ip, then you can not do that. If you want to set certain kind of visual effect then you are limited here. 

Optionally you could set a proper domain name to your blog website. 

How to make money from a website?

We can make money from a website by following three methods:

1. Showing Advertisements

Adsense (Wind of Google which shows ad on website and youtube), provides option to show ad. Upon interaction with ads, website owner gets commission for each interaction. If a user clicks on a ad, then the user is redirected to advertisers page. For this interaction, there is certain amount of commission. Such commission is paid for each interaction. 

For reference, we can assume, $1 is paid for 1000 visitors or $0.01 fro each interaction. (This may vary. Some times one can make 10$ for 100 visitors and sometimes one can make $1 for 1000 visitors). The ad revenue calculation is dependent upon so many factors. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best efficient way to make money. Affiliate Marketing can provide good income each month. 

What is affiliate marketing?

If we help a company to sell its product then company pays certain amount commission for each sell. Amazon affiliate marketing program is best. It is transparent and can pay upto 15% commission. All we need to do is share product link in our website. If user clicks on the link and purchases a product then website owner receives 15% of the commission. 

A website owner with 10000 visitors per day, can easily sell mobile phones, laptops. Just imagine website owner's traffic helped to sell two three mobile phone or laptops each day, then how much commission one would earn easily. 

People who are owner of free websites with 10000 traffic each day are making 5 lakhs or even more each month. 


  1. To start a website, domain name, hosting and coding is required
  2. Blogger, Wix, Joomla, Weebly and Wordpress are providing option to make free websites. 
  3. Free Websites has their own limitations but those who want to share information only could be beneficial from such options. 
  4. One can make money from free websites is showing ads in the website. Upon user interaction, the website owner gets certain amount of commission. 
  5. Another efficient way of making money from free website is to integrating affiliate marketing program in the website. Upon sales, company can pay upto 15% of commission. 
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