Make Money Online: Earn five to eight digit income working from home in 2019

Looking for some effective efficient reliable solutions to make money online? This post is for you. In 2019, luckily there are plenty options available that can help us to earn online working from home. Following are the list of online income solutions.

Make Money Online

01. Selling Photographs

Among all the available online income opportunities, selling photographs is best option. Why? Because today, almost every one has mobile phone and cheapest to cheap mobile phone supports high definition camera. So capturing good photographs is not challenge. Luckily there are plenty websites available which provides option to upload photographs and upon download shares certain amount of commission. Just imagine, how much money you could make even if you spend half an hour a day and capture moments around you.


One of such website is ShutterStock. Creating account and uploading photographs is absolutely free.

02. Selling 3d Models

3d Modeling is no big deal today. With a simple 1gb graphics, 4 GB Ram and intel processor configured laptop one can easily build 3d Models. If you have dont have commercial license for Autodesk Maya or 3ds Max, or Houdini or any expensive 3d modeling software then no need to worry, you can use Blender software for 3d modeling. There are plenty tutorials available on internet. And even school children are building 3d models using Blender Software.

Okay, you have built 3d models but where would you sell them?


There are plenty platforms where you can upload 3d models and set the price as you want. And upon sales, you would get commission. Turbosquid is the popular platform to sell 3d models.

03. Selling Websites

Today websites are on high demand. Most people learned today one can easily make money just by having a website with lots of information. With content management software, website building has become a matter of fraction of minutes. Couple of clicks and website is ready. But strangely lots of people unable to build CMS websites.


One of the popular CMS is Wordpress. If you know wordpress installation then trust me you can make lots of money each month. Some purchase domain, hosting and build wordpress website and then sell through social media platforms. Others takes order and then build website.

04. Selling Books / Ebooks

Are you a writer? Have you written stories, novels or any professional guide book? But dont know how to approach publication house! Then let me inform you first of all just by visiting and submitting written draft to publication house is not sufficient to publish a book. There are hundred rounds of loop which every writer goes through before publishing a book and also ultimately there is no guarantee whether publication house going to publish the book or not!!

But what if I say, there is a way in which all you need to do is just upload the word document file and thats it. You are the one who is going to decide the price of the book. 70% of the book price you are going to receive on sales. Hard to believe!!

Amazon Kindle Publishing
Amazon Kindle Publishing

Top name in the world of online sellings, Amazon is providing this opportunity. Amazon Kindle Publishing is the platform where any writer can sell their written draft. There is no fee for registration. You can upload any number of document. These uploaded documents are going to available on Amazon platform in the form of Ebook and Paper back.

05. Selling Images

Okay you are good at photoshop edit! Then you can sell photo edited images on various platforms. One of the popular platform is Shutter Stock. All you need to do is upload images. Upon downloads, you are going to receive certain commission. 

Apart from shutterstock, there are plenty freelance site where you can get plenty of deals to photo edit. 

06. Selling Vector Images

You are good at creating vector images, then you can create vector images and sell them. You can upload on Shutter Stock. You can also grab plenty of vector image projects from online sites such as fiverr, freelance. 

07. Selling Video Games

You know Unity 3d Video game engine and can create video games. You can sell video games. There are plenty of popular platforms where video games are purchased.

08. Selling Game Scripts

You know how to create some popular video games that are in high demand always. Then you can also sell those video game scripts.

09. Selling Wordpress Plugins

One of the element that is always in demand is plugins for wordpress. If you are good at PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, JQUERY, and css then you could easily build wordpress plugins. There are plenty platforms available where you can sell your developed wordpress plugins. Code Canyon is the platform where you can sell your wordpress plugin.

10. Selling Video Tutorials

If you are good at some professional topic such as 3d Modeling, Video Game Making, Web Design, GST Practices etc then there are platforms where you can sell your video tutorials. Such platforms are Udemy, Linkedin etc.

Few More Effective way of Making Online Income:

01. Freelance Online Jobs

If you are web developer or knows to build wordpress site, or you can edit videos, or you can photo edit then there are sites such as freelance where you can get freelance jobs. In such job you have deadline and you have accomplish the task with in the time period.

02. Video Vlogging

Video Vlogging is trending these days. And the easiest way to pull good revenue from online sources is Video Vlogging. You can upload your video vlogs on Youtube and make handsome money each month.

03. Online Tutorials

If you are good at some professional topics then you can prepare and upload video tutorials on Youtube.

04. Blogging

Unlike Video Vlogging, blogging is good source for revenue but the problem with blogging it is extremely time consuming process. One must have to blog regularly and upload quality contents only. SEO plays vital role in successfull blogging. One of the free platform for blogging is Blogger from Google.

05. Affiliate Marketing

One of the powerful medium that helps to generate good income is Affiliate Marketing. Currently Amazon Affiliate Marketing is powerful and transparent program. If you are good at pulling traffic then you could easily make good money from affiliate marketing.

06. Online Store

If you have some thing to sell then you can open your online store and sell. Not at all mandatory to have programming knowledge. With wordpress and free plugins, it is very easy to open online store and start selling products with in next moments.

07. Content Promotion

You have youtube channel, facebook page or popular instagram account, then you could easily provide offers to promote other people website, product. It is good source of money. If you have 50000 followers on your facebook page then you could easily approach brands to promote their products. 

There are also few other ways to make money online but the above mentioned are the most easiest and efficient way to make five to eight digit income working from home in 2019. 

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