Mumbiker Nikhil Youtube Channel 2.6 Million Subscribers

Mumbiker Nikhil a popular youtube channel has crossed 2.6 Million subscriber recently. Nikhil Sharma is a reputed motor bike vlogger and social influencer as well. He has huge fan following on youtube, Facebook and Instagram. His uploaded youtube videos often goes in to trending on youtube platform.

Following are the few lesser known facts about Nikhil Sharma How he became Mumbiker Nikhil.

Mumbiker Nikhil
Mumbiker Nikhil [Image Source: Mumbiker Nikhil Youtube Channel]

Who is Mumbiker Nikhil?

Mumbiker Nikhil is a youtube channel with 2.5 Million Subscribers (currently). This youtube channel is about motor vlogging and travel vlogging. The man who created / run this youtube channel is Nikhil Sharma. 

Nikhil Sharma's Birthplace and Hometown: Mumbai, Maharashtra.

What is the date of Birth of Mumbiker Nikhil?

Mumbiker Nikhil Date of Birth is November 4, 1991

How old is Mumbiker Nikhil?

Mumbiker Nikhil Age is 27 Years old

What is the height of Mumbiker Nikhil?

Height of Mumbiker Nikhil (Nikhil Sharma) is 5'11" or 180 cm.

What does Mumbiker Nikhil do?

Mumbiker Nikhil aka Nikhil Sharma had joined Qatar Airways at a very early age as Air Host. But later on, he quit the job and returned back to India. And then he did Modeling and Acting in India. It is bit shocking news for the true admirers who are not aware yet, Nikhil Sharma had acted in couple of television series too.

He often mention in his interviews, during those struggling period of his life, he met one of his best friend Shanice Shrestha and since then they are true friends.

Then Nikhil Sharma started motor vlogging and from there he gained fame. His youtube channel "Mumbiker Nikhil" gained popularity and so on he is extremely famous among youth. Recently his youtube channel crossed: 2.6 Million Subscribers.

Therefore we can say Mumbiker Nikhil is Youtuber, Model and Actor.

Who is the Girl Friend of Mumbiker Nikhil?

One of the highest searched question on Internet is 'who is the girl friend of Mumbiker Nikhil'! There is no harm in this question. People love him, so there is always curiosity around such topic such as his love interest. But even after our deep research we could not able to find out who exactly is the Girl Friend of Mumbiker Nikhil! 

There are plenty of rumours floating around about his girl friend and we believe those are rumours, so let it remain rumours only. 

But yes, once he mentioned in one of the Interview, he had been in a relationship while he was an employee at Qatar Airways and it did not go well!!

What is LabelMN?

Label MN is the Merchandise business side of Mumbiker Nikhil. Yes Nikhil is selling T Shirts for his Fans. All these t shirts are quoted with Nikhil's sayings.

Official Website: Label MN

Who is the owner of LabelMN?

Another highly searched question is who is the owner of Label MN? Nikhil's Best Friend Shobit is the owner of the cool T Shirt supplying company LabelMN. 

Mumbiker Nikhil Facebook Page: Nikhil Sharma Facebook Page

Mumbiker Nikhil Website: Label MN

Mumbiker Nikhil Youtube: Mumbiker Nikhil Youtube

Struggle Story Behind Nikhil Sharma's Youtube Channel Mumbiker Nikhil

Being born into a Middle class family, Nikhil Sharma was the only son to his parents and had been grew up with lots of love and care. ikhil Sharma's father Anil Kumar Sharma used to run movie theatre. His mother is a house wife. He confessed in one of his video he was below-average student in school. He was admitted in Rizvi Institute of Studies and Research in Mumbai but soon realised hotel management is not his cup of tea. He applied in Jet and Qatar airways and cleared both. He chose Qatar Airways and served as flight attendant. 

He has mentioned in his one of the youtube videos, he had been gone through huge heartbreaks. He continued his job career for six more years in Qatar airways and then he thought to start his own venture to which his father denied strictly. He convinced his father on a condition that if his venture do not go well then he would join back his job. He started a business but failed.

It was 2012. Ten days left for Nikhil to join back his job as the leaves were about to be finished, his father passed away. It was then he decided to stay back and take care of his family Business. Nikhil quite his job and continued to look after their business. Then he started motor vlogging and posted on youtube. Gradually gained fame. He is one of the top social influencer in India.

Initially he made vlog on local journey videos on Marine Drive, Lamington Road, Chor Bazaar and more such places in Mumbai. One of the biggest achievement he completed Mumbai to Bangalore and back to Mumbai 2000 kilometers journey in 28 hours. Some of the other highest view youtube vlog videos of him are Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Mumbai to Nepal, Mumbai  Kolkata Hyderabad Mumbai and Mumbai Manali.

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