Sholay Box Office Collection till 2020

Box Office Collection of Hindi Bollywood Blockbuster Movie Sholay released in 1975 was the first movie to generate revenue Rs 10 Crores INR at the Box Office. Soon, it crossed Rs 15 Crores INR and broke all the existing records on the box office. Have you ever wondered what was the box office collection of the superhit blockbuster Hindi cinema "Sholay"! The first Hindi Bollywood Movie which crossed the Rs 1 crore milestone was "Kismet" released in 1943. And the first film to cross Rs 5 Crores business at the box office is "Mughal-E-Ajam" released in 1960. And Sholay was the first movie to earn Rs 10 Crores at the Box Office and also, it crossed Rs 15 crore box office collection and broke all the existing records.

Sholay Movie Poster

Sholay is an exceptional superhit Hindi film which not only broke all the existing commercial cinema records but also created new records. This film deals with the theme of revenge. Thakur, a retired police cop, hires two thugs Jai and Veeru to take revenge from badly reputed outlaw dacoit "Gabbar Singh". In 2002, British Film Institute conducted poll for 'Top 10 Indian Films' of all time, and Sholay was ranked first. And also the judges of 50th Filmfare Awards named it the Best of Film of 50 Years.

Sholay Box Office Collection

According to Box Office of India, During its first run "Sholay" had earned nearly about Rs 15,00,00,000 /- INR (Rs 15 Crores or Rs 150 Million) in India. But with further re-releases, during late 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s the movie had total gross revenue in India was Rs 35,00,00,000 /- INR (Rs 35 crores or Rs 350 Million).

(Sholay Total collection: Rs 35 Crores)


Box Office India estimated the total amount of tickets were sold 10,00,00,000. The film was also released in Soviet Union in 1979. The film was also released in China in 1988.

None of the Bollywood movie made close to Rs 10 Crore Box Office collection for next six years of Sholay release. Kranti film directed by Manoj kumar and released in 1981 made Rs 10 crore at the box office. Sholay remained at its top position at the box office for 19 years until Hum Apke Hain Kaun released in 1994.

Initially, this movie was declared a commercial disaster. But gradually when viewers of the movie spoke about this, it picked the growth and sales of tickets. Sholay ran for five and half year 286 weeks at the Minerva theatre in Mumbai.

What was the production cost of Hindi Picture Sholay?

The production cost of Hindi Feature Film Sholay was made with a budget of 2 Crore Rupees (INR) in 1973-1975.

Sholay Movie Release Date

The release date of Sholay was August 15, 1975. It was released on Independence day.

Sholay Meaning in English

Sholay Means "Flames". The Hindi Feature Film is Titled "Sholay" because of the theme of the film Revenge. Flames are best metaphor for Revenge. 

Sholay Characters:

It is one of those movies in which audience has remembered all the characters and their dialogues. Following are the list of actors played the Sholay film Characters. 

Thakur Baldev Singh

Thakur - Sanjeev Kumar

The character Thakur Baldev Singh was played by Sanjeev Kumar. Thakur is the protagonist of the film who wants revenge from Gabbar Singh.


Jai - Amitabh Bachchan

The character Jai was played by Amitabh Bachchan. Jai is one of the ex-convict in the film whom Thakur hires to capture Gabbar Singh.


Veeru - Dharmendra

Veeru is the another ex-convict and best friend of Jai. Thakur hired him to capture Gabbar Singh. Veeru character was played by Dharmendra.

Radha (Thakur's daughter in law)

Radha - Jaya Bhaduri

Radha is the widow daughter in law of Thakur in the movie. Radha character was played by Jaya Bhaduri (Later in real life, she married Amitabh Bachchan and her surname changed to Bachchan(Jaya Bachchan))


Basanti - Hema Malini

Basanti is the love interest of Veeru in the Hindi feature film Sholay. Basanti a talkative lady who drives horse cart for bread and butter. Hema Malini played the role of Basanti in the movie.

Mosi ji

Mosi - Leela Mishra

Mosiji is the aunt of Basanti who is always worried for best suitor for her to marry. The character of Mosi was played by late Leela Mishra.

Imam Chacha

Imam - A K Hangal

Imam chacha is a visually challenged man of the village, who is worship leader of the Mosque of Ramgarh. A. K. Hangal played the role of Imam.

Imam Chacha's Son

Imam Son - Sachin Pilgaonkar

Sachin Pilgaonkar played the role of Imam's Son who loses life in the hands of Gabbar Singh.

Gabbar Singh

Gabbar Singh - Amjad Khan

Gabbar Singh is the main Antagonist in the movie. He has murdered entire family of Thakur and amputated both hands of Thakur. Gabbar singh character was played by Amjad Khan.


Kalia - Viju Khote

Kalia is ally of Gabbar Singh in the movie. He is one of the gang member. Viju Khote played the role of Kalia.


Samba - Mac Mohan

Samba is another ally of Gabbar Singh in the Movie. Mac Mohan played the character of Samba.


Ramlal - Satyendra Kapoor

Ramlal is the domestic help of Thakur. A loyal honest servant. Satyendra Kapoor Played the role of Ramlal.


Jailer - Asrani

Jailor is the incharge of the jail where jai and veeru were locked up. Asrani played the role of Jailor.

Soorma Bhopali

Soorma Bhopali - Jagdeep

Soorma Bhopali character was played by Jagdeep

(Disclaimer: All the images are from the film Sholay directed by Ramesh Sippy and written by Salim khan and Javed Akhtar.)

What is the real name of Gabbar Singh in Sholay?

Gabbar Singh is a fictional character developed by Writer Duo Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar. Real life name of the actor who played Gabbar Singh in Sholay is Amjad Khan.

What is the name of Gabbar Singh's Father in Sholay?

Gabbar Singh's Father name in Sholay is Hari Singh.

What is the name of Thakur in Sholay?

The complete name of the character Thakur in Sholay is Thakur Baldev Singh. And the actor who played the character is Sanjeev Kumar.

Who wrote Sholay?

Writer Duo: Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar were the writers of Sholay.

Who is director of Sholay?

Ramesh Sipppy had directed the film Sholay.

Who composed the songs and Background Music score of Sholay?

R. D Burman composed the songs and background music score of Sholay.

Sholay Movie Shooting Locations

The complete Sholay Picture was shot at Ramnagara, a small village (1975) in Karnataka.

Sholay Movie Songs (Sholay Film Ka Gaana)

Sholay Unheard Facts

  • Sholay did not do good business in its first weeks of the release of the film. Director of the film Ramesh Sippy and writer duo were thinking to reshoot some portions of the film such as Jai does not die in the movie but film started pickup in business and became super duper hit. 
  • Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra were not initial choice for Jai and Veeru character. 
  • Sholay was the debut movie of Amjad khan, the actor who played Gabbar Singh.
  • Salim khan and Javed Akhtar had wrote four line of story and narrated couple of producers who dumped the idea immediate but G P Sippy (Father of Ramesh Sippy) agreed to produce a film on the same story line.
  • Initially, Thakur's character was a retired military officer, Jai and Veeru were also retired military men but Ramesh Sippy (Director of Sholay) was worried for permissions, and arrangement for military camp setup which would have raised the budget of the movie. So Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar changed Thakur's character a retired police cop and jai and veeru ex convicts. 
  • Sholay was re-released multiple times through out the country and over seas as well because of its reputation and demand. 
  • There were plenty violence scenes which Indian censor board ordered to remove. But later on uncut version was also released. 
  • Sholay is the first movie which was released with two versions of ending. The first version has thakur kills gabbar singh. The second version, thakur is stopped by cops from killing Gabbar singh. 
  • The initial choice for Gabbar Singh was Danny Denzongpa but due to date issue he dropped the proposal. 

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