Taptapani Natural Hot Water Spring in Odisha, India

Taptapani is a Natural Hot water spring in South Odisha. This place is located on the mountain. People believe the hot water has characteristics to cure skin diseases. This spot has been on of the favourite tourist location since a long time.

Taptapani, Odisha, India
Taptapani hot spring has two sections. One is the main point where hot water streams and this spot is restricted place. Only Hindu priest can enter and perform worship rituals daily. There is supply of this streamed hot water in the first section to second section which is kind of swimming pool. People take bath here.

There is separate bath section for men and women. Tourist drop coins in the main hot spring water section.

How to Reach Taptapani?

The nearest railway station to Taptapani is Brahmapur Railway Station. From Railway Station one can easily get taxi. It is two hour journey from Railway station. 

The nearest Bus Depot is Digapahandi Bus Station. One can easily get Taxi at this bus depot. 

The nearest Air Port is Bhubaneswar Air Port. (Five hours journey From Bhubaneswar air port to taptapani)

Best time to visit Taptapani

Winter is best time to visit this place. There is big crowd gathers here. November to February is the best time. Early Morning is best time to visit in the day. 

What else is there in Taptapani?

Deer park is there. There is also a children park. 

The best place to stay is Brahmapur. Because it has good standard hotels. One can find best restaurants. There is easy availability of taxi. There are other plenty visiting spots near and around Brahmapur. 

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