What are five different types Operating System?

Operating System is not some new term for mobile phone or laptop or desktop users. But we are not well aware how many types of operating system are there and what are they? So lets learn more about it.

Operating System

What is an operating system?

Operating system is a package of different programs which are designed to accomplish various task in a computer. Any computer device, such desktop computer, laptop, macbook, tablet, mobile phone, calculator, iPhones, iPads need operating system to operate. 

What an operating system do?

Any work that you accomplish in a computer device. Such as mouse click. There is a program inside the operating system which determines what action to perform upon mouse click. Similarly any task such opening a window, minimising it, surfing through folders, processing task at the back end, etc. In simple words, with out an operating system a computer device is life less. Thats why professional say operating system in soul of a computer device. It performs main functions of any computer that is storing data, fetching data and deletion of data. 

How many types of operating system are there?

There are mainly four types operating system are there:

  1. MS Dos (Windows operating system) for computer desktop
  2. Linux Operating System for Computer Desktop
  3. Android Operating System for Mobile Devices. 
  4. IOS for iPhones

Popular Five Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows Operating System

Current Version of Microsoft Windows Operating System is "Windows 10".

Mac Operating System

The current Mac Operating System is MAC os Mojave.

Android Operating System 

The current Android Operating System is Android 9 "Pie".

Linux Operating System

The current version of Linux Operating System is "Ubuntu 19".  
(Note: There are plenty developers offering Linux such as Redhat, Debian, Mint etc,)  

Mac iOS for iPhones

Mac IOS 12.3
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