What is Ethical Hacking?

If you have ever came across this term 'Ethical Hacking' then you must be thinking what is Ethical Hacking? In this article, we are going to learn what exactly is ethical hacking and one how could become an ethical hacker.

what is ethical hacking
Ethical Hacking Course

What is Ethical Hacking?

If you have gold in your house, then chances are thief going to visit your home sooner or later. So what you do? You take precautions. Similarly website contains data and data is wealth of any website / company. So plenty hackers out there, who keep on hunting to find a way to steal data or cause data loss. So company hire trained hackers who act like hacker and find out all the possible way hackers may hack into the system. And then the company immediate take action and saves self from facing big loss. 

By the way such hackers are known as ethical hackers.

The job of ethical hackers is to do manual check or with the help of tools find all the possible loop holes present in a website which could be vulnerable to hackers. 

How to become Ethical Hacker?

Almost every company which are strictly dependent upon a website, may individual department where highly trained and experienced ethical hackers are there. They work day and night to find out all the possible way through which hacker may take advantage of. To become ethical hacker, one must have to good knowledge of ethical hacking. 

Earlier there used to be plenty educational institutes in certain cities from where one could have easily trained but these days, luckily, online tutorials available. One can learn from online easily. However the benefit of educational institute trainings offer certificate after successful completion of the training which has great market value. 

Ethical hacking training should cover all the tools that useful for vulnerability testing, phases of hacking, types of hacking, phishing, SQL injection, Cross scripting, update with all the available hacking tricks and their solution, and update with possible hacking threats. 


If you are joining educational institute then make sure, they are covering these topics. And if you are learning by yourself from online, then cover all the possible topics mentioned above. Ethical hacking is one such field which would have life long requirement in every company. 
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