What is PHP

Are you wondering what is PHP, then this article is for you. If you own a wordpress website, or if you have interest in websites or blog, then you must have often came across this term "PHP". Lets know more about PHP in depth.

What is PHP

What is PHP?

PHP is a server side scripting language. It is used to fetch data from server and forward to client system and store data in the server fetched from client system. 

Why PHP is used?

PHP is used to process data at the server side. If a user want to store some collected data from the client system then PHP is required. Similarly if stored data can be fetched from server using PHP and shown to the client. 

Current Version of PHP

The current version of PHP is 7.2.0

What are the features of PHP?

  1. PHP is light weight. So it can handle complex projects easily. 
  2. PHP is available free. 
  3. Most Hosting service provider offer free PHP installation. 
  4. PHP codes are easily embedded with html. 
  5. PHP projects consumes less memory for processing. 

Advantages of PHP

  1. PHP is available for free. So from internet we can install PHP package and use it for free. 
  2. PHP has lots of predefined functions which saves developers time. 
  3. Using PHP functions we can accomplish various tasks with less lines of codes. 
  4. PHP projects can be transferred from one hosting service providers to another hosting service provider. 
  5. PHP is light weight server side scripting package. 

What is PHP Full Form?

The full form of PHP is "Hypertext Preprocessor". Earlier it was called "Personal Home Page".

What is PHP used for?

PHP is used for to process or accomplish server side tasks. If we want to save data or update data at the server side than we must have to use a server side scripting language. PHP is one of the most popular and powerful server side scripting language. 

What is PHPMyAdmin?

PHPMyAdmin is an interface developed using PHP which provides easy access to MySQL database. Most web developers prefer PHPMyAdmin for data storage and update. 

Disadvantages of PHP

PHP is a open source project. So whatever bugs are present, they are easily visible to hackers. And they often crack way to get into server. The implicit casting feature is the biggest weakness of PHP. 

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