Why Netflix is increasing Investment in India while Bollywood is going through deep loss!!

Half decade back If I would have said Netflix, there might be one or two people would have responded 'Yes I know what it is' but if I say it today, then minimum 8 out of 10 people would easily respond 'I have Netflix', 'My daughter is crazy about Netflix'. Astonishingly Netflix has been increasing fund to produce contents for Indian Consumers. But today, Bollywood is going through big loss. Out of 10 only one or two movies are making good money! This is fact. So lets know the secret behind it!!!!


Official site of Netflix: Netflix Official Site

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a digital entertainment platform. Unlike youtube, Netflix is a video watching platform but the only difference is Netflix is showing movies and it is not available for free. In 2016, Netflix officially stepped in Indian Market.

Note: Netflix is online movie streaming platform. So even before 2016 Netflix was available to people residing in India. By paying the monthly subscription, people used to use its service. But after stepping officially, Netflix has gained more popularity and genuine subscribers.

Birth Story of Netflix

In 1997, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded Netflix, Inc. in Scotts Valley of California State, United States of America. The initial business model was to provide Movie DVD on rental basis or on sales. They used to handle the orders through Emails. Almost ten years later, they stepped into streaming videos but still continued DVD rental business.

Reed Hastings
Reed Hastings

But until 2012, they were providing released movies through online streaming or dvds. Since 2012 they stepped into movie producing. Their debut project Lilyhammer. In 2016, Netflix released more than 126 Original Series and feature length Movies.

Marc Randolph
Marc Randolph

Netflix is a subscription based program. Users pay subscription fee monthly or yearly and access the film and tv series library. As of 2019, Netflix has 148 million paid subscriptions around the world. Netflix is a member of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)

Why Netflix is Increasing Investment in India 2019?

Yes. It is absolutely true, Netflix has increased its fund for new original contents for Indian Audience. And it might be appearing bit hard to digest because movies are making money hardly. 

So why Netflix has taken such step? 

The reason is very obvious. Theatres and Multiplexes are losing audience but digital platform are gaining its viewers very fast. And on the other side, if we look at the subscription cost, the audience are in high profit. Because they are getting world class cinema for the price of popcorn and cold drinks they purchase during interval of a single movie. And plus, digital platform such as Netflix is providing its content at ultra HD Resolution. 

People are watching Netflix in their large LED Television set at home. 

And if you are local train traveller in a Metro city like Mumbai or Chennai, you could easily see people are watching Netflix in their laptop and mobile phones to kill the travel time. 

Therefore, Netflix has foreseen the potential audience available in India and thats why increased its fund for original content production for Indian audience. 

How much does Netflix cost per month?

So Netflix is not free service but it is a paid service. So much it costs to use Netflix. The price is country specific.

Netflix is providing its streaming service in three variations:

1. Basic Streaming (Supports 1 screen streaming at once with SD resolution)
2. Standard Streaming(Supports 2 screen streaming at once with HD Resolution)
3. Premium Streaming (Supports 4 screen streaming at once with HD and Ultra HD resolution)

(Following subscription cost is per month basis)

Netflix Subscription cost in USA

  • Basic Streaming - $9 USD
  • Standard Streaming - $13 USD
  • Premium Streaming - $16 USD
Netflix Subscription cost in Australia
  • Basic Streaming - $9.99 USD
  • Standard Streaming - $13.99 USD
  • Premium Streaming - $17.99 USD
Netflix Subscription cost in India
  • Basic Streaming - Rs 500 /- INR
  • Standard Streaming - Rs 650 /- INR
  • Premium Streaming - Rs 800 /- INR

Is Netflix free?

No. Netflix is not available for free. But under promotional event, they are providing first month subscription absolutely free. 

What kind of shows are there on Netflix?

Netflix is not having only movies. They have good collection of webseries also. They are having movie and series from all genres. Their library contains different language contents also. Netflix is definitely good option to opt to watch wide range of Movies and series. Keep in mind, Netflix is producing original contents, and also lists in their libraries those movies which have won awards in various film festivals.

Can I watch Netflix on Youtube?

No. We can not watch Netflix on youtube except Netflix trailers. Netflix is in itself similar to youtube except it is not free and has movies and series only.

Official Netflix Youtube Channel: Netflix Youtube

Best Movies on Netflix

(Following list contains mixture of Netflix Originals, Released movies but are available on Netflix)

Special Correspondents (2016)

Pee-wee's Big Holiday (2016)

The Polka King (2018)

Mute (2018)

Hold the Dark (2018)

The Dark Knight (2008)

Coco (2017)

Star Wars The Last Jedi (2017)

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)

Zodiac (2007)

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