Digital Marketing A to Z Complete Step by Step Guide

Digital Marketing is the term frequently chanted and heard in the world of internet. A company has launched a product but how can it reach its product near the customers? By advertisement. The answer is obvious. The advertisement is not limited to publishing ads in news paper or running video campaign on television channels. There is huge competition in the market. The one who has effective marketing strategy can reach out larger number of customers easily. There is no doubt internet is the only medium that can reach larger amount of customers than any other medium. Therefore here internet marketing comes into play.

Digital Marketing Guide
Digital Marketing Complete Guide

In simple terms, marketing a product or service through internet is internet marketing. The more sophisticated term to refer internet marketing is Digital Marketing. Because the technology is digital. There is good bright scope in pursuing digital marketing as career. Good money and professional growth is there for each and every digital marketers. Before deciding to build career in this, read this guide carefully. This complete guide is going to help you understand types of digital marketing, benefits and strategies.

What is Digital marketing?

Today, people are well connected to each other. Most spend time on internet than any other places. A recent study Global Internet Usage says the number of internet users are increasing per minute basis. Therefore company or individuals who have product or service, definitely want to reach out the large number of customers on internet. Here a certain kind of marketing strategy comes into play. This strategy is known as digital marketing. Here digital marketers help client to promote their product or service at digital platforms such as computer, tablet, laptop, television (with internet connection) and smartphones.

This is the digital marketing meaning but what about the definition? So here it is.

Digital Marketing Definition

Digital Marketing is Advertisement of a product or service of a client on digital platforms through internet. In digital Marketing we do Product marketing or service marketing.

To better understand lets see some examples.

Digital Marketing Examples

Example 01
If you want to find out Apple show room near by your house. What you do? You search on Google. With in fraction of seconds it shows all the available Apple Show room near by your house. How did this happen? It happened because of Digital Marketing.

Example 02
When you were surfing through facebook, you must have noticed so many ad post related to your recent search interest appeared. If you had searched on digital marketing previously, then related posts appeared among the news feed. Right? How did this happen? Because of Digital marketing.

Example 03
While watching youtube videos, you must have seen video ad appears. The moment 5 second lock time completes we often skip the ad and continue to watch the video. This advertisement is also result of digital marketing.

Example 04
While surfing other websites, we often see interest related banner ad appear. This is also result of digital marketing.

How does digital marketing works?

Digital marketing has so many tactics that can help in all possible manner to reach out larger number of customers in the internet. With it, we can advertise about a particular product or service through search results, paid search results, social media platforms, video campaigns, guest article post, blogging etc.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Competition in the market has made tough for company or individuals to reach out customers. With digital marketing we can easily reach out large number of potential customers who might be interested in the product or services of the client and may spend money to purchase it.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

It can help to advertise product or service effectively. It saves cost and effort. And right strategy can help to reach out large number of potential customer waiting out there in the internet. People are using mobile phones and there might be any one on this earth who has no cell phone. Smartphone are potential digital product which can be easily targeted to promote product or service efficiently. For a bright career in this field, one must have to go through digital marketing course. There is reason for it. The marketing tactics are not same as it used to be couple of years back. The time and technology both has changed in the world of internet marketing. Before even thinking about digital marketing course, lets first learn the types of digital marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves so many tactics which help to advertise product or services. Those tactics are approaches to promote product or service. We can say type of digital marketing. Following are digital marketing types.

Search Engine Optimization

Every company or individual has their website which tells about the product or service. These website must appear in the search results so that when a potential customer search on the internet then they must find the webpage link at least first page of the search result. Publishing website is not sufficient to rank webpages in the search results because of the high competition out there. Therefore we need to optimise the website for search engines so that it could rank webpages higher in the results. This optimization technique is known as Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization are of three types:

On Page SEO

In this kind of optimisation, we optimize webpage content for search engines. We set keyword embedded title for the webpage, we set meta tags, we set images with alt attributes, we focus on content structure and we avoid too much usage of the keyword. The prime goal is to create content around a keyword. Luckily there are plenty free tools available online, which can help us to know the SEO score of a website.

Check this free tool: On Page SEO Score Checker Tool

Off Page SEO

Do you know how do people of a city are aware about the best shops in the city? People often mention these best shops name during conversation. The same exact logic search engines too follow. Search engines keep note of the presence of webpage link in other websites. Genuine content writers refer potential webpage link in their content. Otherwise, With certain approach, a website owner can include their webpage link in other websites.

The most efficient way is Guest Post Submission.

The common name for Off Page SEO is also known as Link Building.

Note: People often believe on page seo is sufficient to rank the website. But the fact is on page seo and off page seo both are equally important in ranking a webpage in Google Search Results.

Technical SEO

Couple of years back, there is no requirement for technical seo but with recent search engine algorithm update, it has become vital to concentrate on technical aspects of a website. Search engine crawlers not only crawl and gather information but also try to understand the backend coding, database connectivity and css. If a website is strictly dependent upon Javascript, then search engine take lots of time to process. Developers must be instructed accordingly to build the website.

Benefits of SEO

It can drive organic traffic (More than millions, if done right full manner) to a website. The struggle of every website owner is to get traffic to their website. SEO can help to get huge tremendous traffic easily with out spending a single penny. And a website with huge traffic means treasure of wealth and fame.

Search Engine Marketing

Ranking a website through organic way (SEO) is bit time consuming process. It may take more than six months. But luckily search engine like Google is providing paid option to promote the webpage content in search results and other associated platforms.

If you search something on Google, then check at the beginning of the page or at the bottom of the page, there are search results which begins with a tag: Ad. It means these search results are not organic search results but paid ones.

Search Engine Marketing

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

In less time, we can reach out large number of website visitors with same interest. It helps search engines to understand the webpages of the website. It eases the process for search engine to rank the webpage early. With search engine marketing we can reach to our potential buyers which has huge chance of conversion. Thats why if you look at search results for query on best smart phone, you would see the first search results are paid results from top e-commerce store.

Social Media Optimization

There is no doubt, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest are the treasure for potential customers. We can easily target and reach huge number of potential buyers. We have to optimise webpages for social media. Such optimisation is known as Social Media Optimization.

Why do Social Media Optimization is so important?

Because social media engine follows different algorithm than Google or any other search engine. It follows open graph meta tags. If do not optimise our webpage for social media platforms then when user shares the webpage then it wont able to process data except title and show accordingly. Which directly influences the growth of the website. So we must include open graph meta tags for social media platforms. Tumblr has its own meta tag. If we are targeting our content to share through twitter then we must have to follow and use twitter meta tags.

Examples of Open Graph Meta tags:
<meta property="og:description" content="this is the description of the webpage"/>
<meta property="og:url" content="" />
<meta property="og:type" content="website" />

Example of Twitter Meta Tags:
<meta name="twitter:card" content="summary" />
<meta name="twitter:site" content="@example" />
<meta name="twitter:creator" content="@creator" />
<meta property="og:url" content="" />

Benefits of Social Media Optimization

Social Media has huge amount of potential buyers. SMO can help to reach out direct to such customers. It has been seen since last half decade, Social Media platform have been successfully driving potential customers and helped in increase sales and profit. The best benefit of SMO is we can promote product or service on social media for free of cost.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are available for free. But free option is not sufficient to reach out targeted customers. Facebook is providing paid advertisement which can help to reach targeted audience in less span of time. And social media marketing costs low price compared to paid marketing in other platforms.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

We can reach targeted audience directly with in less span of time. We can target in terms of age, location, language and interests of the users.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way to promote content in the internet. The sole purpose is to generate new buyers, draw attention of potential buyers and increase sales. Some of the efficient way of content marketing is blogging, infographics and pdf file sharing.

Blogging: People love to read blog. If you check you would find almost all the popular service provider or product sellers has blog section where they discuss frequently about their products and services they provide. They share information to solve the users problem.

Infographics: Infographics are becoming preferred mode of knowledge sharing these days. It saves time and engages users to explore new information. There are plenty software available which can easily build infographics for us.

PDF File: People love to read pdf files. Sharing pdf file about particular product or service can also help to gain new potential buyers and keeps on engaging with the website existing customers.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing can help us to generate new lead who can turn out potential buyers or customers of product / service.

Email Marketing

Email has become the efficient way to share information. Marketing through email is still an efficient mode of attracting potential buyers to a website. Email marketing is not a new concept, it has been in existence from the day email have been used for communication. If a website owner has email list, then it is merely matter of couple of line codes to send email about new product or services. Email marketing agency are there who charge certain amount and would send email to your potential customer list on your behalf regularly.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing can generate new leads and pull back existing customers to the website. Best part about email marketing, the user going to visit direct to the website. Email marketing are more beneficial than paid advertisements but cost of email marketing is bit higher.

Apart from these Marketing tactics, there is another efficient solution for digital marketing and that is Pay Per Click Advertisement.

Pay Per Click Advertisement

Pay per click advertisement is available at all advertisement providers. Pay per click costs less and advertiser is charged only if user clicks on the ad and then visits the website.

Some of the popular Pay Per Click Advertisement Service Providers

- Facebook Ads
- Google Ads
- Twitter Ads

How to do Digital Marketing?

So far we have discussed all the important types of Digital Marketing. Now its time to follow the types. Always Digital marketing begins with SEO, followed with SMO. Then Digital marketers do SEM, SMM, Email Marketing.

The main goal is to do all the part which are free and then go for paid solutions. To better understand how to do digital marketing, we have to know the right strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

For best efficient result, one must have to follow strategy in digital marketing.

What is digital marketing strategy?

Digital Marketing Strategy is the planning and executing each plan that can help client to increase sales and earn good profit out of it.

SEO Strategy

SEO is the first step in digital marketing for any type of product or service to promote. The goal is to acquire more than 95% SEO Score. Along with this digital marketer must have to focus on fast page load speed. Search engines do not like webpages which take longer time.

Free tool to check webpage load speed: Page Speed Insight

Page Speed Insight is a free tool from Google. It tells the page speed load time for mobile phone devices and desktop devices. The best thing about page speed insight, it tells what are the corrections to make.

The goal is to keep score more than 90% for both mobile phone and desktop screen.

Then its time for link building. There are plenty of sites available which allows Guest Post submission. This can help to generate an efficient backlink.

SMO Strategy

Once webpage link is ready (Post SEO strategy), it is time to share on social media platforms. Add relevant open graph meta tags in all the targeted webpages. Create Facebook page and share your each webpage link. Share each post from the Facebook page in your relevant Facebook groups. Respond to the questions or comments from user. Create twitter page, and share each webpage link regularly. Keep responding to retweets or messages if any. Share images and link of webpage on Instagram and Pinterest.

SEM Strategy

Search Engine Marketing Strategy is simple. Run paid campaign on Google Ads. Irrespective of the result, run at least ten days each month. Understand visitors to your website from the results. Keep on listing negative keywords that are not relevant to your website. Keep adding new potential keywords. It will help out to reach potential buyers.

SMM Strategy

Once SEM is ready, it is time for Social Media Marketing. Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are providing paid advertisement option. With this option we can reach out direct to targeted potential buyers.

Note: Social Media Marketing provides option to target audience depending upon age, location and interest.

If your client business is restricted to certain location only, then it would be wise to run the ad campaign for that particular location only.

Job And Responsibility of Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing can be learned through online courses or from popular institutes. Learn contemporary digital marketing is always helpful to stand out in the competition. The main job and responsibility of digital marketer is to understand the client's product or service and follow digital marketing strategy. If website is not properly optimised, then digital marketer optimise the website for search engines. He runs paid campaigns to generate leads, create new sales and helps in increasing sales. Main job is focused to pull relevant potential buyers to company website and create increasing conversions.


Digital Marketing involves all the possible tactics that would generate traffic to website, create new potential buyers bank, help in increase sales and increase profit for the client. Digital Marketing can be learned online or through institutes.

Digital Marketing = Product Marketing / Service Marketing

Digital Marketing certification is also added benefit in the profile of digital marketer.
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