How to open twitter account for the first time?

Have you wondered how to open twitter account for the first time? Then this article is going to help you to know how to create an account in twitter, why twitter is broadly used, What is tweeting and how does it work.

How to open twitter account

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking platform through which users post and interact with messages. Currently, the messages posted by users is restricted to 280 characters. Users who have created account in twitter, then can post, like and re-share others messages.

What is Tweeting and How does it Work?

The messages which users post on Twitter's Interface is known as tweet. To tweet user must have to have an account with Twitter. Account creation at twitter is free. One can register self with an valid email id. Once the user is registered then he is eligible like, share others tweet. Registered user can follow others and others can also follow the user. 

Due to character restriction, twitter has become the most preferred mode of sharing news or messages by the politicians, news agency, advertisement agency, Hollywood Actors, Bollywood Actors, and many more. 

Twitter is not only limited to message sharing but also advertisement agency use it to promote its products. It has been an efficient reliable mode to gain attention of world wide people. 

How to open an account in twitter for the first time?

To get benefit of twitter services, one must have to have register self at twitter. 


  1. Open twitter webpage. 
  2. There is an option to signup or login. First time users should go for signup. 
  3. Signup is a four step process. First step is to provide name and email. Second step: There is option to customise twitter ads. You can tick or untick this option. Then click on next. Third Step: It would have sent a verification code to the email. Copy and paste the verification code. 
  4. Step four: Once the verification code is submitted and verified successfully, then user would get option to set the password. Go for a strong password. And thats it. 
If you have followed above steps, then you must have successfully created account at twitter for the first time. 

Setting Twitter Account as Private

Optionally, you can set your account as private. Normally, other social networking sites have set users account public. Which means any one can view the users account. But twitter is providing this powerful option to set the account as private. Which means, no one in this galaxy can see the twitter account. Which is indeed a very powerful option. 

Two Factor Authentication

These days hackers have sharp eyes on social networking sites to hack users account either to spread hatred, or leak some valuable information. So it is wise to follow strict login process. Twitter is providing two factor authentication. In this process, user is going to receive a high security password in the phone or email. These systematically generated password has limited life time period. It increases the security level of twitter account. 

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