How can Yoga help to grow a human spiritually, professionally and socially?

Want to practice Yoga? Here is the complete guide about Yoga for beginners. Yoga is not some thing new that came into existence recently. It has been since ancient time. The simple meaning of Yoga is unity of body and mind. Mind is the centre of power in a Human body. Healthy mind is the only key for successful happy life.

Yoga Practice Beginners Guide

But stress, hectic life, work pressure and wrong food habit harms brain at a great extend. Unhealthy brain root cause behind imbalance mind. Imbalance mind not only downgrades human progress but also an invites severe and complex health related diseases.  Easiest and simplest way to maintain a healthy mind is Yoga. Following information is going to help you to understand how Yoga can help a human to grow spiritually, professionally and Socially.

Birth of Yoga

The exact date of beginning of Yoga Practice is not known but speculations says it started during Pre-Vedic Indian Traditions. Upanishad, Ved, Puranas (Ancient Hindu Holi Books) contain information about Yoga Practices. During 19th century, when Swami Vivekanand visited west countries, it became popular in west countries as well.

Contemporary Yoga

Yoga that is practiced today widely around the world is the contemporary yoga because it is combination of various types of Yoga Practices. So Yoga has different variation around the world. It is named after the developer Yoga Guru. But irrespective of Yoga type, the sole purpose behind is Unique - "Stay physically fit and mentally calm".

What is Yoga?

The literal meaning of Yoga is Union. And it is connected to the English word Yoke. Yoga is not about a Hindu Worship Procedure. It is purely a practice similar to a martial art practice. It is a spiritual discipline. One would not get benefit from doing Yoga once or couple of days or weeks. It is practice and needs discipline. And needs regular practice. The soul purpose of Yoga is to keep mind absolutely calm and keep body fit. Calm mind helps in keeping healthy brain and a healthy brain is the key element for a success in professional life and personal life.

It is believed that the true energy of a normal human body is locked in itself. And Yoga can help to release the energy through out the body. Well distributed energy can keep human body fit. It helps to keep mind calm and hence establishes connection with the spiritual power that exist in this whole world and beyond.

Yoga practice helps in human growth is not limited to theories. In reality it has changed the life of the people who ever have practiced in a discipline manner. There are plenty information available around the internet.

World's biggest name, successful people had visited India, gained spiritual awareness through Yoga.

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Types of Yoga & Their Purpose

Different Types of Yoga

Following are the important different types of Yoga popular around the world.


Literally meaning of Hatha in Sanskrit is Force. In Hatha yoga, physical postures are largely followed. This yoga practice is believed developed during 15th century. Physical exercise (Various Asanas), Breathing Exercise(Pranayam) and Hand gestures (Mudras) are important practices of Hatha Yoga. Swami Vivekananda introduced Hatha Yoga to west countries.


Vinyasa Yoga is also known as flow yoga. Because of shifting from one posture to another using breath. In simple words, the smooth transition between yoga asanas.


Ashtanga Yoga is eight limbed yoga. In this kind of yoga practice, the practitioner goes through eight different yoga with different purpose. The list are as below:

- Yama
- Niyama
- Asana
- Pranayam
- Pratyahara
- Dharana
- Dhyana
- Samadhi


It is new kind of yoga founded by Beryl Bender Birch. Power yoga is a fitness based vinyasa practice. It helps to increase stamina,   increase phyiscal fitness, keeps mind calm and reduces stress. Widely popular in west.


Bikram Yoga is type of Hatha Yoga. The only difference between Bikram Yoga and Hatha Yoga, in Bikram Yoga, Practitioner practice yoga in a high temperature environment.


Jivamukti Yoga consists of Yoga Practices along with chanting of Sanskrit sloks that implies growth of life on this earth. The mool mantra of this Yoga is "Sarve Bhabantu Sukhinah" means all life being stay happy on this planet. This kind of yoga not only helps to grow physically fit but also helps to grow spiritually from inside.


Iyengar Yoga is a yoga practice developed by B.K.S Iyengar. In this type of practice, Practitioner use props such as belts, blanket while practicing traditional Yoga Practices.


Vini Yoga also Known as Vinyasa karm Yoga developed by Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. This kind of Yoga is practiced under the supervision of Guru who has practiced this yoga from its core. It works on the principle of teacher student model. Most assume vini yoga is kind of Vinyasa Yoga but it is not. It is different form of Yoga which follows different practice, more discipline and dedication.


Kundalini Yoga is practiced to awake kundilini shakti. It is believed human body has tremendous energy which is not awaken until unless is not awakened. It can be awakened by practice of Mantra, Tantra, Meditation and Yoga.

Irrespective of the Yoga Types, all yoga follows traditional ancient Yoga techniques to keep body fit and mind calm.

Who should practice Yoga?

Any one can practice Yoga irrespective of age. It will be wise to practice under the supervision and guidance of a Yoga Guru. It may appear bit tough during initial practice. But sooner the practitioner find easy to practice various asanas, mudras, meditations, and pranayams.

Yoga Asanas

Asana is a Sanskrit word and it literally means a right sitting posture. But contemporary Yoga includes various physical exercises as part of Yoga Asanas. The sole purpose behind Asana is for longer time meditation.


Mudra is a Sanskrit word and it literally mean seal or closure. In simple words gesture. Mudras in Yoga are various types of gestures that is practiced to keep mind calm and get control over body.


Meditation is a process of keeping mind away from all the thoughts and remain it still with out any thoughts. It helps to keep mind calm. Also helps to grow spiritually from inside. Meditation is the important practice in Yoga irrespective of its type. It is believed that Meditation is the toughest part of practice in Yoga.


Pranayam is a process of controlling breath through exercises. Control breath helps heart to function better. Well controlled heart beat helps brain to stay calm. Calm brain helps to take right decisions.

What are the benefits of Yoga? 

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga practice benefits the practitioner in following ways:
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Calm Mind
  • Stress Free Life
  • Cardio Health
  • Respiration Improvement
  • Balanced Metabolism
  • Weight Reduction
  • Physical Strength 
  • Good Athletic Performance
  • Right Decision Ability
  • Connects to spiritual power 

FAQ Yoga

Is Yoga a religious thing?

No. Yoga is a practice. Quite similar to Martial Arts Practice, Exercise at the Gym. However, martial arts and Gym Exercise do not help in spiritual growth. Yoga practice helps in growing spiritually from inside. 

Can we lose weight with Yoga Practice?

Yes. There are plenty yoga exercises there which are helpful in reducing fat in a body. So many Yoga Centres do provide such Yoga Course which helps to reduce fat. 

Can we control blood pressure with Yoga Practice?

Yes. Blood pressure can also be controlled with Yoga Practices. Stress is one of the root reason behind high blood pressure. Yoga can directly help to reduce down stress. With right Yoga practice in a discipline way can help to keep blood pressure under control.

Are Diabetic patients allowed to do Yoga?

Yes. There are plenty yoga exercises they are helpful to keep control sugar level in the body. 

Is it true, Yoga practice can improve poor eye sight?

Yes. Yoga can improve eye sight level. There are plenty Yoga Exercises which helps to help blood circulation properly to the eye tissues. And also it helps to stay focus. 

How many times should one do Yoga in a Week?

Yoga should be practiced on regular basis. But the right answer would be from Yoga Guru. Do not learn Yoga from Youtube videos or from online texts. Go for a proper Yoga course centre and practice under the supervision and guidance of the Yoga Guru. 

What happens after some one begins Yoga Practice?

The blood circulation in the body changes. The muscles of the body changes accordingly. It helps to keep mind calm. And proper circulation of blood into the body organs helps to keep body fit and fine. Calm mind always helps to take right decisions at the right moment. There is gradual fast change appear in the personality (internally as well) of the practitioner. 

Is Yoga Enough to keep ourself fit?

Yes. But yes along with yoga, right food habit is essential. To put off fire, we would not put water and fuel both at a time. Right! Same with the body. We should have to change the wrong food habit practice. In this regard guidance from a Yoga Guru will be beneficial. 


Yoga is an ancient practice that has been in existence since pre-vedic time period. Today's Yoga practice are combination of various yoga practice that developed around the world over the period of time. Yoga Practice can help to stay physically fit, spiritually aware and keep mind calm. It reduces stress. Hence helps a human to grow spiritually, professionally. And a spiritually and professionally grown human always contributes towards the betterment of the society.  

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